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Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist, Speaker/Presenter

About Jim Walkup

I find my greatest joy in sitting with couples in pain who rebuild the marriage of their dreams.  

At the age of ten, I read the "Can This Marriage Be Saved Column" in the Ladies Home Journal. The articles fascinated me in imagining having the role as a healer of relationships. Now as a seasoned licensed marriage counselor, I have had several of the couples that I have worked with, featured in that column with my comments at the end.

In my work with you, I will help you name the things that are important to you and articulate them in ways that do not blame or lead to distance. I will help you reduce the fighting and find win-win solutions.

You will learn to support each other in times of crisis and in times of celebration. If one of you is in a mid-life crisis, I will help you discover where your lost your bearings and help the two of you support each other finding individual fulfillment and living out your new dreams and value.  

 As the President of the New York State Division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, I have committed myself to taking leadership in an organization that is made up of the "go-to" professionals for strengthening relationships, including yours.

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