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5 Reasons To DUMP Your Cheap Boyfriend (Thank Us Later)


You make your own money. You pay your bills on time. You save up to buy things you want. You put a little aside for savings each month.

You act like a responsible adult when it comes to your finances. And you expect your man to do the same.

He surfs the internet looking for deals. His apartment needs painting badly. He tries to fix everything himself, and you help him. He never pays for parking, even if you are wearing heals.

You go for dinner and a movie with your man, and he splits the bill all the time.

Over the course of a relationship, dating a cheapskate can cost you big time — and not just emotionally.

You need to get real about what your future with a cheapskate will look like. It might not look so great, once you consider these 5 likely scenarios.

1. You will end up with lots of junk

Being responsible with money is important, but a cheapskate will always make choices based on the cost of something, not its ultimate value. So you may have a car. It was the best deal on kijiji.

However it doesn’t suit your needs, or breaks down too often to be considered reliable. Your anxiety will skyrocket every time you need to get to work on time in that car. And there will be no room for your stuff in your overcrowded garage.

2. You will buy the nice things

While your cheapskate man will be picking up good deals from the neighbour’s yard sale, you will be the one buying the nice things. So get ready to dedicate part of each paycheque to purchases that he sees as irrelevant, overpriced, or not worth your happiness.

Expect birthday presents that you can share with him.

3. Cheap solutions are short-term solutions

Need your roof fixed? It costs money to fix it right. Cheapskates will often invest the least amount of resources (time, energy AND money) into finding solutions to problems. Some problems never go away. That will cost more in the long term, and wear you down emotionally.

4. Cheapskates will judge your purchase choices

You will end up smuggling things into your house, just to avoid the disdainful glare of your cheapskate boyfriend.  Or you will end up lying about how little you paid for something because you don’t have the patience to argue about how great your choice is – again. Get ready to hide your credit card bills too, even if you are super responsible with debt. Cheapskates don’t see any way to strategically use debt.

5. You will miss out on lots of fun adventures

Your cheapskate boyfriend will choose to hang out at home because it is free, rather than head out for some fun. If you like watching reruns of 80s TV series, then that’s ok.

If you like to grow and learn and explore new things, then you will shrivel up and die from the inside out. Or you will soon hate him.

Cheapskates often have a ‘scarcity’ mindset, which means they imagine they are always on the verge of poverty, disaster or failure. This scarcity mindset contributes to feelings of fear and worry, regardless of how much money you actually have.

Often this mindset creeps over into other areas of life, where cheapskates avoid taking risks, trying new things, or modifying their routines of life. Cheapskate boyfriends can cost you a lot.