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6 Signs That Your Marriage Is On The Rocks

6 Signs That Your Marriage Is On The Rocks

Marriages will either end in death or divorce. Even picture-perfect marriages have the potential to end in the latter. It can take the smallest thing to spark the idea of divorce; those seemingly innocuous mistakes made at the worst possible moment can undermine a lifetime of love and affection.

Unfortunately, it can be a difficult to figure out when a marriage should actually end with a divorce. Emotions can cloud judgment and make it difficult to judge whether or not it may be time to call it quits. It may never be easy to figure out but it is always important to know when it is time to solicit professional help to save your relationship. 3 Questions To Ask Before Getting Back With An Ex

1. You have poor communication skills.

You and your partner are not expected to communicate meaningfully at all times. Sometimes there's just nothing to say about how hot it is today. Unfortunately, if you never talk about anything anymore, it may be a sign that the well has run dry and you are simply not interested in talking to him anymore. Sweeping your thoughts and feelings under the rug will not make things better. Be strong and share what's on your mind so that you and your partner can address the issues up front.

2. You are experiencing marital unhappiness.

Rough patches will occur. Every marriage and relationship will have more than a few rough patches during their marriage. Some may last a few minutes, others days or even weeks. However, if it gets to a point when just the thought of the marriage makes you feel ill or uneasy, there may be a problem.

3. You feel alone.

This, by far, is one of the most obvious signs that a marriage is in serious trouble. It may manifest in a number of ways, from feeling that you're the only one putting effort into the relationship, to simply not sharing your thoughts, feelings or time with your partner. If you rarely feel like sharing in things with your partner or if you feel like he or she just isn't trying to help keep it together, your marriage may be in trouble. Your spouse may also start trying to keep you away from their friends and family, which can also make you feel lonely. The 3 Things You Must Do To Find Love After Divorce

4. You have no interest in improving the relationship.

On the other hand, you could be the one withdrawing from the relationship. It may seem like you just need a little space, but there is a difference between wanting a little alone time and feeling sick of trying to work on the marriage. The key difference is interest. Wanting alone time doesn't mean you want the relationship to end. Withdrawing means that you are no longer personally invested in the relationship at its current state.

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5. You're the last vine in the grapevine.

This means that you are the last to know anything about your spouse. Hearing about things second-hand may indicate that they aren't interested in sharing anything with you. It can get worse. You might not care that you are the last to know. Consider that you may be putting him or her in this position. Not being interested in sharing your joys, triumphs, pains or challenges with your significant other is a red alert that your marriage is on the rocks.

6. You have a lack of physical intimacy.

Intimacy might not be the only thing in a relationship, but it is most definitely part of a healthy one. This covers everything from hugging to sex. A partner that doesn't feel interested in holding you or sleeping with you is a partner that will soon want out. Be aware that some people are occasionally distant; sometimes he or she just isn't in the mood to cuddle. Maybe at times space is needed or just some quiet restful sleep. It's only the sign of a problem when your partner never wants to touch you or if you never want to touch your partner. Why Is Divorce On The Rise?

If these signs seem severe, it is because they are exactly that. All of these signs are symptoms of a lack of physical and emotional intimacy and connection. What is important to remember is that these symptoms can occur, but in short bursts. That's how relationships are – there are bad days and there are good days.

Your marriage is in trouble when there are never good days. Should you experience these symptoms for the duration of one month or over a period of several months, it is time to solicit the help of a professional marriage coach or counselor who specializes in helping couples save their marriage. It is possible to recover from marital woes and restore your marriage to happiness and connectedness.

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