5 Beauty Secrets From Around The World That Fight Aging In Women

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Anti aging secrets

Women across the globe are trying exceptionally hard to stop, prevent or delay the process of aging to live and re-live a youthfully radiant life.

Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, women today have successfully overcome their aging problems to prolong their youthful years.

This involves trying out the household remedies—from the old wives tales of mothers and grandmothers, to buying highly expensive anti-aging creams, lotions and skin rejuvenating products that promote regeneration and healing of skin cells.

Needless to say, there are a number of highly advanced cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that improve the aesthetic appearance of skin.

Yet, it is also important to understand that beauty and youthfulness from pharmacological, surgical and cosmetic procedures comes with a cost. It isn't necessarily a monetary cost; the risk of adverse effects and early or long-term complications is fairly high with plastic surgery and pharmacological therapies.

Many beauty experts agree that the process of aging can be elegantly controlled without spending a lot of money and resources on the anti-aging creams and cosmetic, or surgical procedures. With awareness in today's women and globalization of the world, it is fairly easy to incorporate natural remedies from different cultures and countries into the daily skin care routines to overcome aging problems.

Here are a few natural remedies that are worth mentioning:

1. France: grape-seed supplement

Ancient French researchers suggest that a supplement of grape seeds can increase the content of powerful antioxidants in the serum that not only ward off free radicals and reactive oxygen species, but gives your skin the firmness and softness it needs to protect the collagen in skin.

Supplement of Grape Seeds is quite famous in France. Benefits of 50mg of this supplement is equivalent to eating more than a pound of grapes.

In the last couple of decades, grape-seed supplements and extracts became extremely popular in United States and other parts of the world. Today, grape-seed extract is used as tincture, potion, supplements, facial masks and hair oils.

2. Mexico: sugar and lemon scrub

While taking care of the face, we should not forget the importance of hands. It's been observed that more than 80% females take no extra measures to maintain the beauty of their extremities (hands and feet). Research indicates that excessive exposure to environmental and physical forces, makes our hands age faster than the face.

In Mexico, the sugar lemon scrub is a famous remedy to exfoliate the skin of the hands to maintain healthy shiny skin. Lemon juice is high in Vitamin C and other potent antioxidants. It is a vital ingredient in most of the anti-aging creams to maintain debridement of dead cells and rejuvenation of healing cells.

The sugar and lemon scrub removes dirt, debris and other cellular breakdown products to enhance the absorption of moisturizing agents and nutrients.

3. India: ginger tea

Ginger tea is perhaps the most popular tradition in northern and southern parts of India. Ginger Tea is prepared from shredded ginger, which is very high in antioxidant Gingerol, and honey, which carries immense rejuvenating and healing properties in hot water.

Research suggests that regular consumption of ginger tea helps a great deal in preventing the collagen breakdown and reducing inflammation. The Indian population also uses sandal masks, basil leaf teas, aloe vera juice and neem baths to maintain their beauty and youthful radiance.

4. China: herbal teas

Most herbals teas originate from China and surrounding tribes. Regular intake of black tea and green tea can fasten the process of new cell generation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Facial masks of Chinese green tea powder can increase the level of antioxidants in your skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and blemishes.

The Chinese also consume fish and other sea foods that are high in magnesium and other micronutrients, which are required for revitalization of tissues.

5. Polynesia: noni juice and berries

Beauty Secret named Noni Juice as a currently very popular remedy for the management of aging problems in models and actors. You may find it amusing that this remedy has been in use by Polynesian population for centuries.

In Polynesia, people use fruits to manage aging issues, like reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Studies have proven that use of fruits and vegetables in the diet, as well as in skincare products, serves anti-aging functions. Most fruits like bananas and almonds are helpful in skin regeneration and protection from sun-screen.

Likewise, consuming mixed berries (blueberries, strawberries and acai berries) improves the functioning of your gut and improves the clarity and smoothness of skin.

Younger looking skin is a never-ending expedition. Though we have many anti-aging products today that might help to reduce signs of aging (like wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, age spots and dark circles), we must not forget that these products are associated with many long-term side effects. The effects are usually transitory, but using natural remedies can solve the problem in the long run.

Using fruits, water, herbs (like aloe vera), and a stress-free lifestyle is helpful in tightening your skin, exfoliating dead layers of epidermis, and restoring the youthful look in you.

Christina Marino, DAOM, L.Ac. is licensed by the State Acupuncture Committee with a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Marino is also a Homeopath, Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and an Intuitive Energy Healer. Christina's practical and philosophical approach to healing the whole person demonstrates that physical healing is inseparable from the mental, emotional and spiritual healing of an individual. Dr. Marino is owner of Alternative Health Care Concepts in Los Angeles, CA. She can be reached at (818) 505-9511. To learn more about alternative medicine please visit her website or Facebook.