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25 years +


New York NY 10166 - United States


LPC, Med

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Business Coach, Career Counselor, Massage Therapist, Mediator, Relationship Coach

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Coaching is how I pay it forward.

About Donna LeBlanc

I am an innovative licensed psychotherapist, a career coach and life coach. I am also a best-selling author and I have enjoyed over 25 years of service to others by helping them transform their lives.

CAREER COUNSELING: My clients affectionately refer to me as their “Secret Weapon.” As an executive coach, I work behind the scenes helping executives with strategic thinking, decision-making, relationship management, turf issues, difficult bosses/employees and career acceleration.

I drive strategic communication, empathic listening and conflict resolution by helping CEO’s, executives and relationship managers create new and powerful dialogue in high impact situations. Much of that work is based on the one-to-one scripting in my groundbreaking essay; Finding the Right Words™. I also introduce clients to my Signature Profiling System™ based on my latest 5-Star Amazon rated book, The Passion Principle, a new work that extends my revolutionary approach. The Passion Principle uses my personality profiling system for effective relationship management. My clients learn to identify and understand the five personality types most of us operate under and with it, how to use the right words to connect and build trust for each one.

I also create breakthroughs in “executive presence” by helping clients master verbal, body language and non-verbal communication. A major source of self-sabotage, these kinds of issues are present for many executives and once in place and habituated, have often hindered their career trajectory for years. My work changes these dynamics. To do it I get in fast, illustrates the bottom line and delivers change.

PSYCHOTHERAPY: I am a results-oriented psychotherapist whose intuitive “cut to the chase” style connects the spiritual aspects of soul purpose with traditional psychotherapy.

Using my Signature Profiling system I reveal the patterns and reactions that block our success and keep us stuck. Vivid, clear, and totally authentic, I place my thoughtful lens on each struggle, strength and hope and provides a plan for creating the life we desire.

I work locally, on the phone and with high-achievers who fly in from around the world to see me or attend private, Intensives™ prior to important work, family or social issues. Wherever they are, I sharpen my client’s tools, aligns their intentional energies and works out the mental clutter that blocks pathways and goals.

My Signature Profiling System™ based on my latest 5-Star Amazon rated book, The Passion Principle, continues to play a central role. This revolutionary approach to understanding and using personality profiling for effective relationship management allows my clients to identify and understand the personality type of others, what they really need to hear and how to use the right words to connect and build trust. With this breakthrough process, strong relationships and positive outcomes are under your control.

RELATIONSHIPS: When it comes to love, marriage counseling and dating relationships I am a miracle worker. As a licensed psychotherapist I have spent over 25 years in the trenches with individuals, couples and families studying the subconscious drivers that sabotage relationships. I help create breakthroughs so there is a return to love and harmony with a brand new way of communication. I helps clients navigate dating in all forms so they can choose the right partners, receive the love we all deserve or renew the marriage relationship they are already in. I say, “Most people don’t want a divorce. They want to stop the pain.” I can help you renew the love you once shared and enjoy your family life again if only you knew the right words to say to bring your love interest closer. I will show you how to bridge the emotional gap and leave the stones you’ve carried for so long, behind.

FAMILY COACHING: Having been raised in a family business I have experienced first hand how issues at home and between siblings can impact the bottom line for families and family businesses. I work behind the scenes with one key family member helping them to Script important conversations to resolve 20 to 50 year old family grievances. I empowers key family members with the skills, tools and techniques to resolve conflict, destabilize the bully, diffuse the trouble maker, cope with toxic family members, strengthen positive alliance and rebuild family relationships, family businesses and family legacy. I also helps to bring about agreement when warring factions of a family business are attempting to come to agreement to sell the family business.

I am a family dynamics expert and my work with family governance includes communication and conflict resolution for families dealing with wealth management issues. I am the founder of the Power of One™ program; an individualized coaching program for key family members providing high level, laser focused communication and conflict resolution skills to break toxic family dynamics that often waste millions for family estates and destroy family legacies.

I am a contributing author to Trusts & Estates Magazine with recent articles including: Avoiding Family Feuds: Fighting and Its Impact on Wealth, Finding the Right Words and Handling the Family Troublemaker.

I first began my work with family dynamics and resolving family feuds over 25 years ago when I worked in residential treatment with adolescents and their families. Over the next 12 years I worked in a psychiatric setting with individuals and their toxic families where I trained therapists how to use their special techniques to create breakthroughs in dysfunctional family dynamics.

My work with healing family feuds led to a full-page feature article in the Dallas Morning News. My best-selling book, You Can’t Quit Til’ You Know What’s Eating You addressed how family dysfunction and stress led to over-eating (a common stress reaction) and how to overcome this common personal problem.

My collective work caught the attention of New York media where I soon relocated to become a repeat guest on national talk shows and news programming. Some of the shows I have appeared on include: Inside Edition, Fox, MSNBC, Donny Deutsch, and many others.

I enjoy facilitating, teaching seminars and other public speaking engagements. Public speaking has given me a national forum to create venues for participants’ personal fulfillment and organizational harmony at venues such as The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York and St. John, the Chopra Center, The New York Open Center and The Learning Annex and The Unity Church.

I have earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Communication and a Masters in Education with a major in Marriage and Family Counseling from the University of North Texas. I am licensed in New York Licensed as a Mental Health Counselor and Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have a private practice in New York City. I work both in person and virtually with an international clientele.

My two books entitled, The Passion Principle: The Secrets to Relationships in Love, Life and Work and You Can’t Quit Til’ You Know What’s Eating You were published by Health Communications.

In my leisure time, I am an avid swing dancer, who loves singing rhythm and blues and traveling off the beaten path. To this end I have traveled to India, Tibet, Egypt, Mexico, Peru and many other places. I believe a very important part of professional and personal success in life involves fulfilling our dreams and finding those gifts and talents that create fulfillment, because when we get outside the rolls we play and find what fulfills us we are empowered to rejuvenate ourselves and all of life is so much better.


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