Is Age A Factor In Getting Facials?

Is Age A Factor In Getting Facials?

Everyone wants to look and feel their best at any age. There are certain procedures that can be done to make the skin look and feel better. Facials can make the skin look fresh and rejuvenated. This procedure can make a person look fresh and allow their face to look bright. A facial can also remove dead skill cells allowing the new firmer cells to come through. Many people wonder if age affects the effectiveness of a facial. They think that older people will have better results and have fresher looking skin then people that are younger.

Good Candidates for Facials
Age does not play as much of a role in the decision to have a facial as the condition of the skin. Some people have damaged and older looking skin in their 30s while others are well into their 50s and still have firm looking skin. if a person has skin that is showing signs of sun damage, dark spots, wrinkles around the mouth, lines around the eyes, acne scars, and other conditions that affect the appearance of the skin they can be good candidates for a facial no matter what age they are. Certain characteristics of the skin will have better results than others based on skin condition instead of age.

Recommendations for Age
There are some facial procedures that do have certain age requirements for the safety of the patients. Many procedures require that the patient be at least 18 years of age. This is required due to body’s continued growth to that age. Facial procedures such as Botox are recommended for people that are at least 35-years-old. The body may not be able to handle the treatment at a younger age and the effectiveness will not be as noticeable. If a person is young and shows only mild signs of wrinkling or aging the procedure is not worth the risk or the money. Other facial procedures remove the cells that are dead allowing fresh and new skin cells to grow. If the cells on top are still fresh and new then the procedure is not needed. While young people may notice the appearance of fine lines in a few places on their face wrinkles that will stay do not appear until the mid-30s and later if a person takes good care of their skin.

There are some facial procedures that a person can have at just about any age. These procedures include facial scrubs by a professional when a person wants to treat themselves to a day out. There are also some facial wraps and scrubs that can bring life back into the skin. These types of luxury procedures can be performed on most adults as a day to pamper themselves and relax. These procedures will take the skin and make it look healthier especially if it is dry. There are other procedures that are recommended for people in their 50s or those that have signs of wrinkles and damaged skin that will not go away. Chemical peels, dermabrasions, laser wrinkle removers, and even face lifers are recommended for mature people. At this age they are not going to be able to grow new and fresh skin cells at the rate that younger people can.

The damage is done and they need something to fix the more serious damage that is facing the skin. If a person is healthy enough and a good candidate for facial procedures will have to be discussed with the doctor. Some people may not be healthy enough to have these procedures while other people may have serious damage to the skin and can have the procedures performed at a younger age. The facial options and what procedure is best for their face is an individual decision and skin condition may be more of a factor then age.

Many people can benefit for facial procedures no matter what age they are. People with dry, sun damaged, and dull skin can benefit from having some types of facial procedures. While wrinkles treatments are not recommended for young people just about everyone can benefit from having their skin rejuvenated and taken care of once in a while.