5 Fun-As-Hell Ways You And Your Partner Can Get HOT For Summer

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Gym Buddy

It's no surprise that in the winter, we tend to pack on the pounds. Between holiday parties, chilly weather, eating sweets on Valentine's Day, and making endless excuses even after we've joined that gym come the New Year, many have managed to gain the weight they SWORE they wouldn't. Sooner than later, beach season will be here, and you're SO not ready for that bikini!

You managed to put the weight on together, now here are 5 ways to take it back off:

1. Find an exercise plan both of you feel happy about.

For my husband and I, semi-private Pilates sessions were the path to go. This way, we were both stuck in compromising positions at times, but also able to support each other along the way.

2. Incorporate fitness or activities into your next date idea.

Instead of making a reservation at your favorite greasy spoon, opt for a bicycle ride or a hike together in nature, followed by a pit stop at the local juice bar.

3. Plan an active staycation/vacation (budget allowing).

Check out the new recreation center that was put into your town, or plan a vacation around a walk-a-thon in another city or state. Check apps like Groupon or LivingSocial for additional deals that'll get you out of the house.

4. Limit your time doing sedentary activities.

Use this as an excuse to be intimate or get busy — lucky for you, engaging in intercourse burns between 200-300 calories!

5. Consider being each others' fitness trackers.

Make a friendly competition out of who burns more calories (you can use free apps like MyFitnessPal) and set up a reward system for each other. Try to make prizes like new shirts, romantic dates, or even sweet things you can do together. (Don't plan too many rewards around food as the prize!) 

You will have fun with each other, learn how to motivate one another, and most importantly, be healthy together come the warmer months. In the meantime, as the weather heats up, so can your newly active relationship!

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