5 Signs Your Daily Wine Is Slowly Sucking The LIFE Out Of You

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Woman with Wine

"An apple a day will keep the doctor away," "I'm unwinding with a glass of wine," "It's been a rough day/week/hour".

Raise your hand if you subscribe to these aforementioned urban myths.

In our culture that drinking has two polar opposite viewpoints: "Drinking is socially fun and acceptable — so pound those drinks down!" or "It's a toxin and addictive, and abstinence from alcohol is the answer". In reality, the solution may fall somewhere in the middle — as many commercials for beer and spirits state: "Drink Responsibly".

Here are some hidden ways that alcohol may be chipping away at your life:

1. You're letting alcohol dictate your life.


You can't wait to get home from the office to crack open a bottle of wine, or polish off that cold brewski. Every waking moment is devoted to getting your fix.

The feelings of removal from reality start to blend into your day job; and before you know it, all aspects of your life take a backseat to the substance. Remember: Balance is key!

2. You're on medication that specifically warns against alcohol consumption.


It is surprising to realize how many people don't seem to take heed when their medication cautions against consuming alcohol while taking certain prescriptions. Read your medication labels CAREFULLY, or you risk (really!) bad drug interactions and health complications.

3. Your family/friends/significant other tells you your drinking has become a problem.


Even if you think it's not a big deal to have a glass of wine, maybe it is easier for them to notice changes in your behavior rather than you being the objective observer. Remember, many people have varying degrees of alcoholic tolerances, and it may take just one glass for others to observe subtle (or major) shifts in personality, which can affect your relationship with the people you love most.

4. It takes time away from the present moment and distracts you from tackling issues head-on.


Any substance (even caffeine) can alter our reality and distort our perception of how bad things really are. Are you drinking to escape, or hide? Or are you simply drinking to have fun? Make sure you're not drinking in an attempt to escape your real-world problems.

5. It limits your activities and your social circle.


I remember having to distance myself from certain friends who would judge me because of my choices to refrain from drinking (perhaps they also were not really my friends to begin with). Be aware of how many activities you plan which involve consuming alcoholic beverages and be sure to plan outings that offer other choices than sipping bottomless mimosas during Sunday brunch.