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Divorce Recovery Coach, Speaker/Presenter

About Leila Reyes

I am a relationship coach specializing in Conscious Uncoupling(tm), Spiritual Divorce and Calling in "The One.” Most of my clients have a history of sexual abuse, or other circumstances, impacting their capacity to create lasting happy healthy intimate relationships.

Using proven processes and techniques from some of the top thought leaders in the relationship field and have developed deep listening skills and the capacity to hold the complexity of your unique personal circumstances.

I can help you completely transform the quality of your relationships, starting with yourself.  After working with me, you will have an experience of your inherent value, have increased self-esteem, better communication skills and capacities, and you will learn how to generate the kind of love and connection you have always wanted, but have not yet been able to create.

I can help save your relationship! Before ending a relationship, talk to me – even if you have tried everything! If you've completed your relationship, then I can help you move forward with dignity feeling excited about your future and the possibilities for having an amazing life.  I can even help you streamline your efforts in finding a new partner who will love and cherish you.

I've been there myself and so I know the difficult emotions you are likely experiencing and can offer relief from them. I will help you regain your power, and find hope for your future.

With the right support you can evolve into the truest version of yourself that will easily attract circumstances and people who mirror back your innate lovability.  

I’m here for you!  and will support you in thriving in your relationships.

You can be happy and healthy and joyful!  It is time!

If you’re ready to be supported, then click here to schedule a 20-minute complementary session.

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