If The Guy You Like Does This, He's Trying To Say "I Love You!"

say I love you

Not all men feel confident confessing "I love you" if there's a chance those words won't be returned.

Not all men are savvy at being romantic with the woman they love. And some of the greatest guys fear being put in the dreaded "friend zone" if they are upfront about their feelings too soon.

Then how can you tell if the guy you like is into you?

There is one thing that a man in love cannot hide: his actions. Actions speak so much louder than words and are actually a far better indicator of the truth about whether or not a man loves you.

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Learn how to tell if a guy likes you by the following 5 things with you, he just might be trying to say, "I love you":

1. He's not interested in dating other women.

If he spends his time talking, texting, and hanging out with you but isn't dating or doesn't seem to have any interest in dating other women, then it might be because he may have found his one.

What he's trying to say: "I'm already with the woman I want."

2. He cringes when you talk about yourself with other guys, past or present.

If you see him subtly — or even not so subtly — twinge in pain at the mere mention of your ex-boyfriend that got away, it could be that he doesn't want to imagine you with anyone else. Men are very visual and a man in love can't stand the thought of his lady being with another man.

What he's trying to say: "The last thing I want to do is visualize another man doing everything to you that I want to be doing.'

3. He jumps at the chance to help you out.

Whether you need a ride while your car is in the shop or you need an extra hand setting up for the party you're throwing for your friends, he often seems ready and willing to be your go-to guy. A guy that wants to help his lady out is a guy that wants to be her hero.

What he's trying to say: "I want you to come to me for help. That and I don't want another man to swoop in and be your white knight."

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4. He spends more time with you than anyone else.

If you're hanging out on a regular basis, texting each other nightly, or even just chatting together at work more than with anyone else — he may think you would make great partners romantically, too.

What he's not telling you is that he thinks the two of you are awesome together.

5. He talks about his life with you in the future.

It might be casually dropped into the conversation. So casual that you almost missed it, but it was there. That subtle hint that you both will still be by each other's sides when you're 80. And, of course, no mention of his wife, kids, and grandkids.

What he's not telling you is that he envisions his future with no one but you.

So, in conclusion, his words might not be saying what his actions are really trying to tell you.

If he's not interested in dating other women, is repelled at the mention of another man in your life, eager to help you out, spending lots of time with you, and talking about the two of you in the future tense — then there is a good chance that he's really trying to say, "I love you!"

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Dina Robison is a soulmate attraction coach and creator of deliberate attraction online courses. Get her free video lesson The 6 Practices of Women Who Find Their Soulmate here.