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Your Complete Guide To An Incredible Massage At Home

couples massage

The Element of Surprise
Any good seduction will involve an element of surprise — it’s the antidote to the comfortable ruts and routines we carve out for ourselves over years in a relationship.

Robert Greene, author of The Art of Seduction, says: “Seduction involves a degree of surprise, which is generally the first thing that disappears after you’ve been in a relationship, and why there’s no more seducing that goes on. Everything is familiar and you’re no longer surprised by the other person. Great seducers orchestrate surprise and never let the relationship become too familiar and boring.”

Keep your massage a surprise from your partner. Tell them you’d like to spend some time with them and you have something special planned. Leave it at that! It will build a delicious anticipation.

Where to Massage
I know where you think you should massage, and I hate to make you wrong right off the bat but… you’re wrong.

Most people, when they think about giving their partner a sexy massage will think of doing it on the bed. We don’t like the bed because it’s not a stable surface, and we recommend that you try your massage seated on the floor of your living room or bedroom.

Put your partner cross-legged on the floor, perhaps on top of a soft blanket or towel. Grab some sturdy cushions and kneel behind your partner with the cushions wedged under your butt to take the weight off your knees. This way, you can get up close and personal with your partner’s back, shoulders and neck. Think like that pottery scene from the movie Ghost. Hot.

Set the Scene
You could have magic hands, but if you’re attempting to pamper your partner under industrial-strength convenience store lighting with reality TV blaring in the background, you’re not going to get very far. Creating a little atmosphere is as easy as lighting some candles and playing ambient music. Choose a playlist or album you know your partner likes. Dim the overhead lights or turn them off altogether. There, it’s already much moodier and sexier.

There are two more very crucial steps to this stage: please, please, please make sure your space is clean and tidy. A pile of dirty washing is a huge libido killer, and there’s nothing relaxing about a massage on the floor if you’re sitting there thinking about how you should really have vacuumed up those biscuit crumbs. Take the extra time to remove clutter and give you massage space a quick sprucing.

The last thing is to make sure the temperature is right. Your partner will be slightly disrobed for this experience. Turn up the heater more than usual to compensate.

Applying Massage Oil
Apply a professional grade massage oil to your partner’s body to help take your massage to the next level. Some people like to use moisturizer, though it will soak too quickly into the skin. You might get away with it for a short massage. Massage oil is cheap to find at your local health food store or supermarket. Look for sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil, or you may find a pre-blended brand that you like.

When you apply your oil, you’re aiming to first cover your “working space” with a thin, consistent layer of massage oil. Start with a small amount – it’s much easier to add more oil than it is to take it away if you accidentally go overboard!

Tips for Your Massage
Begin your massage with long, slow sweeping stroked to warm up the muscles. Use an open hand technique and concentrate on creating rhythm and flow. Moving with the music is a good tip to help develop a natural rhythm.

After your partner starts to relax, you can move on to working deeper on their muscles. Don’t use thumbs; instead try squeezing with your full hand to help dissipate tension. This broad pressure is easier on your hands and makes the massage feel more full and decadent. Repetition in massage is soothing. Repeat your strokes several times before moving on to another stroke. When you’re thinking of where to massage, start to think about all the spots on your own body that hurt. Everyone gets sore in the same places. Pay these areas special attention and watch your partner melt beneath your hands.