What Is Spiritual Depression? How To Come Out Of The Darkness Of Spiritual Disconnect

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woman dealing with spiritual depression

When people consider themselves to be on a spiritual path, they expect they will always feel joyful. They may expect to spread that joy to others without ever feeling empty or scared.

This couldn't be further from the truth. It might also lead you to feel like you're falling into spiritual depression.

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What causes spiritual depression?

There are many reasons why you, as an otherwise optimistic faith-filled being, might suddenly feel you're plunging into darkness. Sometimes it's a depletion of energy, and sometimes it's the struggle between the world of spirit and the material world.

The world of spirit makes sense to those who can tap into it. It's a place of love and manifestation.

When you resonate with the universe, you can experience connections, signs, and synchronicities that make everything feel all right. But this is a world of duality. Though there are blessings in every challenge, it is only human to feel overwhelmed when things do not go as planned.

Examining your spiritual expectations.

It's not uncommon to feel that God has deserted you when you're faced with the realities of day-to-day living. The way to overcome this darkness of spiritual disconnect is to examine your expectations of God and the universe.

Is it God abandoning you when things don't go your way? Does God cause the horrible things that happen in your world and all the injustices surrounding us? Could God just remove all the suffering of this world with one thought?

These are the confounding questions that lead people into spiritual depression.

When spiritual expectations and reality don't conform, you can feel betrayed, unloved, and abandoned.

That is at the core of spiritual depression and the dark night of the soul. But something very important is forgotten: This is a world where you can grow your soul through object lessons.

This is a plane of existence where you have the utmost free will. This does not mean you can control the behaviors and actions of others, although you can stand up for what is right. It means that you are completely in charge of your own thoughts, choices, and behaviors.

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Author Jan Hurst wrote a book that's a perfect example of this dilemma of believing God can and will do anything for you called, His Sunrise, My Sunset, a memoir turned into a Hallmark movie titled, Forever Love.

Jan and her husband believed in the power of prayer. After a tragic accident that put Jan's husband on death's door, while she only sustained minor injuries, she was faced with having to reconsider the meaning of God's will in the outcome of her situation.

Her book is a perfect illustration of the kind of crisis of faith that is the darkness of spiritual disconnect.

No one would have blamed Jan for blaming God and losing faith. Instead, she came out of the spiritual depression stronger for it and with a greater understanding of God's love and the meaning in her life.

Spiritual depression doesn't always stem from a tragedy or a loss.

There are times God and the universe give you a break from the high-energy connection with the divine, so you can live your life tethered to the material world.

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Many spiritual people who are healers and contributors to making this world a better place forget about themselves as human beings.

There may been times when you don't feel the pleasure of your spiritual connection to the divine. In those moments, try to appreciate the world and all that is in it. Maybe you need to rest, work in your garden, or watch a lot of mindless television.

The important thing to remember is the divine generator of unconditional love is an endless source for each of us.

Avoid falling into fear and hopelessness. Those are the paths to darkness and despair.

If you find this happening to you, pray, pet an animal, or reach out to someone else. They most likely feel the same as you.

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Deborah Herman is a former divorce and custody mediator and an intuitive counselor. For more information about how she can help you, contact her via her website here.

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