Why You Shouldn't Settle For Mediocre Relationships

Have you ever received an announcement from a friend announcing her engagement and felt bitter? You know you should be happy for her, but are frustrated that your friend with so much emotional baggage was able to get a man. You, on the other hand, have thrown yourself into personal development with workshops, books, energy clearings and more but still struggle with your love life. You may start to doubt the whole idea of the law of attraction and wonder if all this work is a futile attempt to distract you from the fact that you are destined to be single forever.

In order to fully understand the truth behind this situation, you have to remember that all relationships are not created equal. There is a difference between true love and dysfunctional relationships. It is very easy to attract a dysfunctional relationship, the lowest hanging fruit. Those who have not done any inner work will tend to gravitate toward anyone who comes along where they feel a little chemistry. That is why your drama-queen friends always have a man. There is plenty of dysfunction to go around and most people settle for mediocre.

Look at your friends and family. How many of them have the ideal relationship you desire? If you review your romantic history, don’t you feel that most of your past lovers were less than wonderful? Even the ones you felt heartbroken over, you probably look back now and wonder what the heck you saw in that person. You know you can have a relationship, but you don’t just want to settle. You want an extraordinary true love.

The average person settles for mediocre. They don’t learn about life or try to improve themselves. They look for the easy way, the quick fix, and the path of least resistance. Inside of everyone is a yearning for more, but it is often pushed down with blaming others, the economy, their industry and their partners for their lack of satisfaction. They are the same people who think you are the one who is crazy for doing all that self-help, touchy –feely stuff. They never want to get into deep conversations and stick to small talk and gossip.

Because you are reading this I know you are not average…far from it. Instead of suppressing that inner yearning for more, you embrace it. You decide that you are the one who can make a difference and design a life that is more fulfilling. You may tend to be hard on yourself because you want the best in your life. Don’t let this inner drive tear you down and make your wrong for not having what everyone else appears to have.

If you look closely, what most people have is not what you want. Just finding a partner or having wealth doesn’t translate into happiness. Settling for mediocre only reinforces to the person that this is all they deserve. At some level they do know they are settling but won’t admit it or are in deep denial. Don’t make comparisons to others because external appearances can be deceitful.

You have been led to personal development because you are unique. Only a small percentage of people take advantage of the opportunity to expand their consciousness during their precious human life. Instead of feeling like there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed, start to believe there is something RIGHT with you because your true self is trying to break free of the status quo.

As you read these words, you can feel that stirring inside of you that says, “YES, I deserve more.” You are not typical; you are at outlier with an extraordinary mission. You haven’t settled for mediocre, so you will attract an extraordinary love. Instead of seeing yourself as bird with a broken wing, start to really believe in your magnificence. You will then easily draw into your life a person who resonates with wonderful you. And…your friends may finally think there is something to all that self-help stuff after all.

This article was originally published at Sexy True Love. Reprinted with permission from the author.