The 2 Things Every Good Wife Does For Her Husband

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This article is written for the women who are good wives and for the husbands who love and appreciate them for it. This is also written for those who are struggling in their marriage and need some answers on how to be a better wife.

In order to start off a great marriage the right way (or help one that's gotten off track) certain elements need to be in place.

When we look at these elements, we can start to look at our own marriage and find out some areas that need help.

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The truth is: Many of us are married to a spouse that we have problems with and some of these problems stem from the fact that we didn't choose the right partner, to begin with.

Once we find out which area of the relationship is not working, we can begin to accept that part of our spouse. Remember, you made the choice to marry them for who they are so it's best to focus on the positive rather than the negative part of that person.

If you want to be a good wife, keep these two things in mind:

Don't try to change him.

You cannot change your husband. You have to accept him for who he is. When you marry a man and then try to change him, you're not accepting him for who he is and this will hurt him.

A man can (and will) change certain things about himself if he wants to and you can guide him in a positive way but you cannot change him.

A good wife understands this and finds ways to encourage her husband and let him change on his own as the relationship grows. If certain behaviors bother you, work through them together. But you cannot change another person's core values or beliefs or who they are.

Desire him.

Show your husband you still desire him.

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This is a big one for married couples. Do not marry a man that you're not attracted to or have any chemistry with. This will only lead to disaster in the bedroom! This is not a good choice for a husband; this is a friend!

You do not have to have sex with someone to know if you have chemistry and passion. If it's there, you'll feel it.

There has to be a spark. It doesn't have to be fireworks but at least a spark, something to light. Passion can grow in a marriage and make the relationship all that much stronger.

A good wife wants to be intimate with her spouse because she understands a man needs to have sex with his wife for a deep connection.

Men connect through sex with the women that they love and a good wife knows this. Men that are unable to have regular sex with their wives become bitter and angry toward their spouse.

Sex is supposed to be fun. If it's not, then work on it together to make it more exciting.

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Dr. Dawn Michael is a relationship expert in private practice in Thousand Oaks, California. She is a published author and public speaker. To check out more of her content, visit her page or her website.

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