Why Would A Husband Not Want To Have Sex With His Wife

How many women continue to blame themselves for their husband not wanting to have sex with them?


Typically we hear from men that their wives are not interested in sex or that they complain of the lack of frequency, but what happens when it is the woman who is not getting sex from her husband?

For a woman who is in this situation in her marriage it is a difficult subject talk about.

The concept of a man not wanting to have sex with his wife or girlfriend is taboo. Women suffer in silence over the pain that they feel, as well as the husbands that are involved.


As a certified clinical sexologist and intimacy counselor, I have helped couples and individual's for years through intimacy counseling to improve their marriage. As a society we can watch sex on television, see it displayed on billboards, but conversation with our spouse about our true feelings is still so difficult.

I wrote a book on this topic to help both men and women learn how to have a healthy sex life, and live without shame, blame or guilt.  Find the courage to open up and communicate with one another before it is too late. Living in a sexless marriage, feeling the sense of low self esteem from it and the pain of rejection has to stop!


Possible reasons why men are not wanting to have sex with their wives:
As our society continues to evolve with technology, men and women are on more of an equal playing field in all areas of life. The day where the man brought home the money and the women watched the children, is not the average. The female dependence by the male for protection and providing is no longer such an issue. Men and women can equally take care of themselves and in some homes women have taken over the financial responsibly or are making more money than their spouse. The line of male/ female roles have become blurred directly impacting on the sexuality of men.

In my new book titled "Reasons Why A Husband Does Not Want To Have Sex With His Wife" due out 2014 we go over some of the main issues.

Lack of communication, affects of pregnancy and child birth in a marriage, stress, pornography use and abuse, medical conditions, sexual dysfunction, struggles with sexuality, anger and resentment, affairs and cheating, alcohol and ending a marriage.

If you are interesed in being on the waiting list for the book, please leave your name and information on the e-mail dawnm42@gmail.com