A Holistic Sex Toy You Both Can Find Pleasure In

Holistic health just got a little more fun...


We have entered into a new generation of sex positive practitioners, who view sexuality as an important part of a person's well being. A growing number of medical professionals have dedicated their life's work to discovering new technology, medication and treatment for sexual dysfunction.

As a clinical sexologist, I see patients every day that suffer from a lack of intimacy, painful intercourse, sexual performance anxiety, anorgasmia and erectile dysfunction, just to name a few issues. As part of my practice, I use a holistic team approach with other professionals such as: medical doctors, psychologists, marriage therapists, scientists, holistic practitioners and sex positive enthusiasts who create amazing products to enhance sexual intimacy and sexual health.


Often times I will recommend a new sex toy to couples to enhance the sexual intimacy and enjoyment in their marriage. In this past decade more sex toys have been designed not only for enhanced pleasure, but as part of a treatment modality for sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction.

A new revolutionary male sex toy has just been released!

The Pluse was created by Adam Lewis, "a sex positive enthusiast" who took years of medical research and combined it with a passion to re-create the sex toy. The Pulse functions differently from any other sex toy on the market; it uses oscillations instead of vibration to stimulate the male penis, and it can be used on an erect or flaccid penis.


As part of my research, I asked board-certified urologist, Marc Richman, MD what his opinion was on the Pulse and how it could help men with erectile dysfunction.

Marc Richman, MD is part of a growing community of sex positive medical doctors who treat sexual health related issues in both men and women with a holistic team approach.

Richman gave this statement on the Pulse:

"The Pulse is an interesting male stimulator (or sex toy) that has some potential urologic applications. One of the most common conditions that I treat, as a sexual health expert, is premature ejaculation. The Pulse can help men learn to control their ejaculation while masturbating. The Pulse provides a unique oscillatory stimulus to the penis which can be quite helpful at prolonging ejaculation in these men. Another urologic application for the Pulse would be in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many of the treatments that we employ to treat ED, including drugs like Viagra, require sexual stimulation to exert their pro-erection effect. Since the Pulse can be used on a flaccid penis, this stimulation could aid men in achieving better results from their ED treatments.


The Pulse also provides pleasure for the female so couples can use the Pulse to enhance the sexual experience. We always see better results when the sexual partner is eager to participate in the process."

Any product that promotes and enhances a couple's ability to have pleasurable sexual intimacy, I feel, is worth it's weight in "A happy long lasting relationship," and that is GOLDEN!

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