Men Who Have A Small Penis That Enjoy Humiliation As A Fetish

Men who have a small penis that enjoy humiliation as a fetish

As a Los Angeles based sex therapist, I have gotten my fair share of calls from men who start the conversation with the fact that their penis size is too small….

There is a population of men that have turned the fact that their penis size is too small into a fetish of humiliation for sexual gratification.

My position on the subject itself is not to cure, or to change the feelings about their small penis, but to accept their penis size. The reason they seek help, is to be heard and understood as “normal” in their thinking. However the term “normal;” does not exist in human sexuality. The human mind is so complex with regard to human sexuality because of different cultures, childhood experiences, hormones, drugs, and the unique chemical makeup of each individual.

An example of how a fetish begins could be that a young man or a teenage boy experiences humiliation as to the size of his penis. It can happen with his first sexual experience or something as simple as changing in the boy’s locker room. This can leave a lasting impression, resulting in embarrassment that prohibits his sexual enjoyment, the desire to date, or to show his “small penis” again. The average penis size is about 5.1 inches in length, less than that is considered a small penis.

The acceptance of the size of their penis is not the question. It is the understanding of the enjoyment of the humiliation being viewed as "normal". My job as a sex therapist it to help men understand and manage this fetish without guilt.

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This article was originally published at Examiner. Reprinted with permission from the author.