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How To Prevent Marital Discord Around The Holidays

How To Prevent Marital Discord Around The Holidays [EXPERT]

We like to think that the holiday season is a blissful time for all, but for many couples, it can create extra stress to an already rocky marriage.

One of the biggest issues is finances and how to afford the holiday without going into more debt. Another situation arises when you have a two-income household, with children, now out for two weeks, parents have the added stress of how to make it work. Lastly are the in-laws, or unwanted family gatherings.

The best way to head off the marriage problems during the holiday season is to prepare beforehand. A few suggestions are:

  • Plan activities for the children, with friends, family or a winter camp.
  • Plan a few days where the family can be together alone.
  • Be proactive and take the calendar out, sit down and discuss how the holiday is going to be spent with your spouse.

One of the best solutions for couples who have family coming into town is to utilize that time for them to watch the children for a few hours so that the two of you can go out for a lunch or dinner date. Working together as a team and coming up with the plan together will help to head off any miscommunication that is sure to arise.

Now is also the time to break out the change canister and put away all the loose change until a few days before Christmas to save up for a special meal or a small family day trip. Lastly, don't sweat the small stuff, and go into the season with a positive attitude this year, because you have already braced for the holiday storm!

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