How To Tell My Wife That I Am Attracted To Men

There are many men who struggle with this question daily and they just don't know what to do.


The men are torn between two worlds, one is with a woman that they may still love and the other is keeping a terrible secret from her. The worst part about all of this is that the wife is also hurting and probably blaming herself not knowing that her husband is attracted to men and not to her. This article is not only for men struggling with being gay but the wives that have to live with them.

Not all men realize that they are gay before marriage


Not all men that are gay go into a marriage knowing that they are homosexual. They may understand that they feel different but not quite sure why.

Other men that know that they are gay and get married to a woman, have a family, may hope that they can push their feelings aside and lead a "normal" life, but over time most men become distant with their wives and family or end up cheating in the marriage. It is difficult to deny ones sexual preference that is not an easy thing to do; many times men will repress their sexual feelings so much so that they become numb and sexless, with a low libido.

Some men become aggressive, drink, or do drugs blaming their wives for not pleasing them. Others turn to the "down low" having sex with men, then coming home and having sex with their wives.


How do I tell my wife that I am gay?

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