Want To Meet The Love Of Your Life? Write A Letter

If you write it down on paper, it will happen. Do you doubt it? Read this.

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Hey You,

I know we've never met yet. As a matter of fact, every day when I wake up I think to myself, maybe today is the day that you and I finally meet. As I walk into my neighborhood Starbucks to get a tea, I think, “could you possibly be there today? Are you even a tea drinker?"

When I run some errands and I go to the market, I think to myself, “is this the day that we're finally going to bump into each other, have that serendipitous moment that we've both been craving?”


When you go to sleep at night, what do you think about? When you wake up, what's your routine like? What was your favorite cereal as a kid? What are your brothers and sisters like, if you even have them? Where did you grow up?

Every day, we have an opportunity to finally meet our “Hey, You”. "Hey, You" is that magic moment when we know we've met somebody unique and different, and it doesn't matter how or where we met them. Someone that’s going to be in our lives for a long time. It's a different feeling for that meeting. There's a feeling of comfort, a feeling of, thank God, all those uncomfortable dates are finally going to pay off. There's a feeling of “I've been alone the last couple of years. It's been you I've been waiting for.” So, this is an exercise that I want you to do. I call it the "Hey, You exercise.”


I want you to write a letter to your future ‘Hey, You.’ I want you to write a letter to your future mate. I want you to write it like you already know them. Literally like you've already experienced them, because deep down in our mind, we already have. I want you to get creative and I want you to write it like you already can see them and feel them, like you've already kissed them, held them, touched them, and made love to them. I want you to write this because I truly believe in the power of attraction and I truly believe in manifesting your destiny. If you already know they exist, which they do, you just have to bring them into your life. Think about it, your future mate, your future partner is already around.

As a matter of fact, I'm dictating this as I'm driving. I looked into the car next to me thinking, is she in there? I saw a 75 year old woman texting somebody, that's definitely not her.

But your future mate is already around. You may have even run into them. 

Do you get what I'm talking about? What you need to do now is write that letter. Write that beautiful love letter to them, so inside your consciousness, you feel them. I truly believe when you feel somebody, you recognize them when you first meet them. You recognize them as another warm, kindred, amazing, loving soul.


When you write this beautiful letter to them, when you go out on a date, you'll know the one that clicks compared to the one that's a false alarm, because you're so aware. You’re so self-aware, so in your consciousness in your subconscious mind, that when someone touches you for the very first time, you'll know if that touch is magic, or that touch is not. Be self aware this way, and watch the magic happen.