Don't Bust Our Balls!

Don't Bust Our Balls!

Do you want to know how to stop men going cold? Do you want a major secret to keeping a man happy?

Don't bust his balls!

Here's an example of what I mean. I was talking to a client the other day who was telling me about his ex-fiancé. They share a kid, but they split up a few months back. Now the kid comes to stay with him over the weekends.

This particular weekend she drops their son round, and before she goes, she starts looking around the guy's apartment. She goes into where their son sleeps and starts poking around. She notices there are no pillows on the bed, and that the blankets are all pulled back. Within seconds, she starts telling this guy what a bad father he is. "Why don't you have pillows on the bed? Jack won't sleep without pillows, and he won't be comfortable with the blankets like that."

This poor guy doesn't have the chance to explain he hasn't finished making the bed up, and that he doesn't tuck the covers in right away, because he and the kid make a tent to read books under it at bed time! No wonder this woman is his ex!

Don't ever bust a guy’s balls and expect him to respond to you. There's nothing worse than when a woman starts picking holes in what we do, and trying to micro-manage us. I was with a woman years ago who used to complain at the way I did the dishes. She'd follow me into the kitchen and inspect every dish I washed. If she wasn't happy with the "quality of the clean", she'd throw the dish back in the water. Do you think I bothered doing the dishes anymore? No way!

Guys have no problem with you asking us a question about what we're doing. If you ask us a question, we'll give you an answer. "How comes there aren't any pillows on the bed?"

Man replies, "Oh, I haven't finished making the bed up yet."

Plain and simple. No arguments, nitpicking, or ball busting!

If you talk to men like human beings, you won't get him mad and you'll end up getting the answers you want anyway. The minute you start picking on everything he's doing, he'll pull away and start going cold. Despite what some women think, men don't mind having proper discussions about things. "Can I talk to you about something? Hey, can I give you my opinion on something and see what you think?"

But if you come flying at us with opinions, complaints, and/or assumptions, you have to expect your man to start coming back at you. Don't try to control everything. I know how the modern woman likes to be in control of her own destiny, and that's fine. But don't take a man's responsibility from him because he'll head straight into his man cave and won't come out.

Men have to feel wanted and needed. You need to remember at all times, men want a lover, not another mother!

It's all down to communication. Don't assume the worst all the time. If he's done something you don't like, ask him about it. Most the time it was probably a mistake. Don't treat him like a badly behaved child, because if you do, he'll be colder than the North Pole quicker than you can say Santa!

Remember that the next time you go to bust his balls!

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