Have The Confidence Of A 10 — Even If You're Not One

I’m not that hot (And I know it.)


I’m 5'9 — 6'0 would be better. My nose is crooked from my hockey years. I’m 53 so I’m starting to fight wrinkles. I’m a 5, maybe, 6 ½ on a good day.

You might be saying the same things. You might be getting a turkey neck or you may be 25 and have packed on 20 extra lbs. Do we lower our standards and date someone who is a 5 as well?

You could. You could wave the white towel and say, “It's time to lower my standards. I’m plump so I will date a plump man.”  Or, you could turn this equation around and RAISE your standards!


You're probably saying, “Yeah OK, Greggstein. How do I go about doing that?"

To this I would respond "You counter what you can and show off you’re strong points."

I can’t control my wrinkles without plastic surgery and frankly, I can’t afford it if I wanted to. I can control my weight and the look of my body though.

I can dance well, so I can go to venues where I can show off my dancing skills. I am extremely funny (or I think I am) so I can use my sense of humor to attract people.

I have three things going for my lame ass — My body. I can dance and I'm funny

My body

I’ve decided to take my body and work it out to the MAX. P90X, Insanity and Crossfit are my workouts of choice. I don’t want to be just OK, I want to be ripped. Why? Because this is one of the things that I can control. It’s also good for me and my health. If I have a better body than the average male (my competition) then suddenly this 6 ½ turns into an 8. Then, if I meet the right woman who really likes fit, older guys with a rockin’ bod, I could be a friggin’ 9!


Do you see where I’m going with this? I just increased 4 points on the “hot scale” because I put massive action towards my body. Let’s continue.

I can dance

In high school, I had this friend named Jimmy Fyfe. He was cool and he could dance. Now back then if you could dance, you would get beat up. But Jimmy was a cool jock (like me) and rather tough so no one was going to give him shit about dancing. He taught me!

As the years progressed, I got better and better. I practice stupid little break moves in my living room and it's made me a very good dancer.

I can dance better than 99% of most men. Women love guys who know how to dance, right? I’m not sure why but I think it’s because you guys look at us on the dance floor and you think we must be good in the sack?


I digress, but I think that this is the case ... or maybe it shows confidence. 

I’m funny

I’ve come to realize that this is a BIG one. I decided to take this strong point and strengthen it even more. I started watching a lot of comedy shows and going to see comedy acts. I studied their deliveries and concentrated on what exactly made them so funny.

I became even funnier! Now this 6 of a man is very funny, can dance and he has a rockin’ body. Look at me — talking in third person like George from Seinfeld.

I've taken my three top assets and accelerated them to new levels and it WORKS.


Will some women not like my assets and shoot me down to a 3 or 4? Yes. But I don’t give a rat’s shapely little ass because I won’t be attracted to this type of woman anyway.

In fact, I see the glass as half full. If a woman loves to work out, loves a guy who is funny and likes to dance — I just became a friggin’ 10!

Do it. Write down your strong points, make them even stronger and exploit them to the world. You don’t need to be an 8-10 to everyone, you just need to be an 8-10 to a few. If you like motorcycles, tattoo’s and bad boys, then set a goal to acquire an awesome Harley, get in shape to show off those tattoo’s and hit the venues where these bad boy’s hangout! You'll be 10!

The corporate guy looking at you cross eyed with a stupid smirk on his face that thinks you’re a 2? Who gives a shapely rat’s ass, you think he is a negative 5! Take my dating advice for women above and sculpt yourself into a hot #10!