This Brilliant 6-Step Formula For Happiness Will CHANGE Your Life

be happy

Turn that frown upside down!

Guess what? I've decided I'll be happy beginning at 12:30 tomorrow. Actually, I decided the happy life about nine years ago.

The idea here is this: you can set your own time to start being happy! Happiness is a state of mind, controlled only if you are in control of your mind. Most people are not. They are always in the pursuit of something they think will make them happy, thus, they never are.

If you are in constant pursuit of more money, the perfect mate or the perfect career, you're setting yourself up for unhappiness. These are actually goals. If you set goals for yourself, work hard to reach them and be flexible and realistic, there is great chance you will find happiness while pursuing them.

Goals help you develop and train your mind to what you want it to do and not the other way around.

Here is my formula for happiness:

  1. Brainstorm, today, all the things that you want in life and that put a smile on your face or calm you.
  2. Pick a few easy things on your list so you start to form your vision in life.
  3. Create the smaller steps to move you toward those things—these are your goals.
  4. Accomplish the goal and check it off.
  5. Reward yourself for your hard work.
  6. Set another goal, and another goal until all day long you are striving towards the things on your list!

You are now controlling your own destiny and yes, creating your own happiness! How? By pursuing those things you enjoy in life. These goals become the only things you focus on and the things that truly matter to you.

Now, the pursuit of each goal translates into you living in the moment and guess what, it's fun! If salsa dancing, raising shelter pups, driving a red Ferrari, skydiving or making the tastiest cheesecake you have ever eaten are triggers for your happiness, do those things! Why wouldn't you?

What's the alternative? Do what 97% of people do—surround yourself with the things and people you hate—like drug addicts, couch potatoes and four-hour commutes to a job you dread.

These people let life dictate what happens to them and then they complain about their circumstances. They are dreamers who are always saying things like, "I wish I had..." or "If only did..."

Stop the cycle. Decide today that you'll be happy and set an exact time for your happiness to begin. Then, go through the steps above and put massive action toward each step.

When you get sad, tell yourself that you are choosing sadness and instead, choose happiness by doing something about it! Dance around the living room! Put sunglasses on your dog and laugh—take action.  Then, get back to living in the moment while you have fun pursuing the next goal.

How do I know this works? Because I live this way every day and I am happy! Do I have bad and sad things happen in my life on occasion? Absolutely!

But I, like other happy people, can handle these curve balls more effectively, and get over them faster by not dwelling on them. We are in control of our minds and many of us have stopped the chase for happiness. Instead, we set our sights on those goals and pursue them every day!

Now tell me, will you decide the happy way of life at exactly 12:30 tomorrow? For more on this please read Researchers Have Discovered the Secret to Happiness.

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