The EASY Way To Build Your Dating Confidence (Thank Us Later)

If you believe it, it's true.


I got this email from one of my readers last week:

Hi Gregg, I read your book and it’s safe to say that I am a highly confident woman. I am a WOW (woman of worth) at work, with my peers and with my kids. In fact, I am financially all set and owner of 2 profitable companies.

And yet, I still fall apart when it comes to dating men, I just can’t keep them, HELP!
- Cindy

Cindy is doing everything right but the confidence she brings to all other aspects of her life just doesn’t carry over into her personal dating life with men. She can’t just flip a switch to gain this confidence because she has had no positive experiences with men and probably even has a toxic past.


This is what Cindy needs to do — starting today and for the next week she needs to assume that every guy likes her.

Every guy that she runs into at work, online or out on a Saturday night, she needs to think, “This guy is into me, am I into him?”

Sound silly? Maybe, but it works.

Is she pretending? Yes, at first. Pretend if you have to, or lie to yourself, but just do it for one day to start. Put on your confidence cloak and say this every time you see and talk to a guy, especially a potential suitor and watch what happens. It’s magical!

The guy will pick up on your vibe and be attracted to you. Guys love confidence. They love a woman who can walk up to them and say something.


They love a woman who has boundaries, opinions and a swagger. You now have all of these things in spades, now that you are wearing your confidence cloak!

Confidence with men needs to start somewhere and this is how you do it — this is the first magical step to gain traction.

And the funny thing? By doing this for one day, you'll notice that men will start showing you more attention. You'll notice that this is not a big deal and it will springboard you into your next confident role with the next man that you come across.

Soon, rejection will not matter because you will truly believe that it is his loss, and it is! The next day, do it again until you have done this for a whole week.


In my book Comfortable in Your Own Shoes I show you how to control your own mind through your thoughts. Tell yourself what you now choose to believe and your brain will manifest what you say into reality!

This forms a new habit and in this case the new habit is, “I am confident with men and they are all into me!”

So Cindy, you are about to become confident with men too! Visit my website for more information on my other dating and relationship advice books and become a more confident woman!