Sexy, Curvy Women Are Putting The "Reality" Back Into Reality TV

THIS is ground-breaking TV.


Every night people are tuning into these reality television shows with thin women yelling at each other, stabbing each other in the back, begrudgingly going out with their "friends" only to throw wine in someone's face. There is usually someone starting all the conflicts and bullying other people. Toward the end of the season a fake friendship blossoms, and by the time there is a reunion show everyone is at each others' throats again. 


That is not the show we want to have. We are going to have a show about fat, curvy, thick, chubby, fun-loving women who are comfortable in their own skin. They love their bodies. It is a show about women and couples who love who they are and who they are with. We want to build people up, not bring them down.

Our show will have ZERO fat shaming. No diet talks, no SPANX! The only spanks happening will be on booties! No talks about how you don't like something about yourself. No, self loathing. Just a couple of fat sexy women who don't hate themselves. This is going to be ground breaking television. 


Yes, we will talk about sex. From all ranges. From being a newbie to an expert in all areas. Celebrating life in our bodies and accepting our bodies is what our show is going to be about.

It's actually what we are about here at Curvy Girl Lingerie. We celebrate life in all forms. We love life, we live life, and we do it while embracing our bodies.

The media and society has casted us as the supporting role for years. The cute, fat friend who is always free on Friday nights with no dates.

NOT ANYMORE. We are over it. We are leading roles, and we are here to show you that isn't who we are at all. We are leading roles and taking charge.

Come join us on this epic adventure. It should not be missed. We are still holding open casting. For more information on our show and the casting information please read our blog HERE. Can't wait to meet some of you on this journey.