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Hot Lingerie To Compliment Every Curve [PHOTOS]

Photo: WeHeartIt

Now we've been writing a lot about different curvy body types and what lingerie works well for that body type. It's one thing to be curvy, but add a big chest and then you have a situation.

One thing we all need to remember that all bodies are beautiful. 

Here are 5 great piece that would work wonders on a short curvy girl with a bigger chest. 

1. The Jolene ($38)

It's a halter. Now I know what you're thinking — NO MOLDED CUPS! I know, I know but something is to be said for the simplicity for no molded cups. With a halter, you're able to adjust the back ties, so you control how your "girls" sit in the halter. Plus molded cups can be constricting. The Jolene offers a little sense of freedom from molded cups and sexiness. 


2. The Bridget ($52)

This screams ... EVERYTHING you want it to scream. The lightly padded cups do have an underwire, and the spaghetti straps that lay over each breast only accentuates the amazing ness of a big chest. It really adds such a great sexy look. 

3. The Wanda ($60)

Another halter! Yes, trust me. There is nothing sexier than a peek of a nipple thru the sheer halter. The halter allows for bigger breasts to sit in the halter nicely. An under wire is a life saver but the halter can make your chest look great as well. The garters are removable incase you don't want to wear stockings. The Wanda will give anyone a run for their money, it's just so sexy!

4. The Stella ($58)

This is one of our favorites at Curvy Girl Lingerie. The sweet little coat, and the lace cups are just lovely. There is no padding in the cups, and the cups are slightly sheer. I personally love that there isn't padding in the cups. There is something very erotic about lace and mesh laying across my chest that I don't mind no padding. It comes in handy especially if you're bigger chested. It allows for more space in each cup. The little coat is removable. 

5. Kate ($58)

It has such an elegant look to it. Plus it has an underwire. It will help keeps the "girls" in each cup and gives you a little more support. The cups in this piece are a little bigger as well, which is great! Also the cap sleeves are just darling and the color is a deep red. It has such a vampy-vixen look. 

One last quick tip for you big breasted beauties. Wear something you love! If you don't love it,you won't wear it. Wear what ever YOU feel sexiest in. 

All these pieces can be found here