5 Steps To Surprising Her With Lingerie She'll Absolutely ADORE

Buying lingerie doesn't have to be scary.

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Let’s face it! Buying lingerie can be a scary endeavor for a guy who only has to reach his arm in blindly for a pair of blue, red or black briefs in the morning. Ladies underwear gets a WHOLE lot more complicated. But in case you want to heat up your nights with a something a little more sexy, here are a few quick tips on how to shop for lingerie for your girlfriend:

1. Pay close attention to the colors she wears.


Take a look in your girlfriend’s closet or notice colors she wears often. Does your she wear mostly dark colors like black and grey? Or does she prefer something more yellow or hot pink? Maybe she likes the softer shades, like pastel. Chances are your she knows what color works best for her skin color, so stick with what she's already comfortable with.

2. Do a little investigating in her drawers.

Without being creepy, take a quick peek in her underwear drawer. Pay attention to the size ranges of her underwear. The best way to make sure that’s the size she wears is to look for the undies that have been put away most recently, NOT the ones shoved all the way in the back of the drawer.


Check out shirt, pants, and dress sizes too. This will really help you out — especially when buying lingerie. Again look for items she wears often. If you jot the sizes down in your phone you’ll have it on hand whenever you want to purchase her something. So keep that in mind while investigating.

3. Dig a little deeper into her style preferences.

Since you’re already in her closet (be careful!) check out what styles she likes. Does she wear more thongs and g-strings, or does she prefer booty shorts or cotton panties? You can always try something new, but be sure to keep her preferences in mind. If she doesn’t like a certain fit of something, she won’t wear it, and that goes for everything.

4. Find out her CORRECT bra size.


I know it’s already odd you’re snooping in her clothes and closets, but just write that stuff down. No, it's not JUST a letter size — the band size is JUST as important. The band size is the measurement around the rib cage and will help your stylist to figure out which size lingerie to suggest.  

The cup size also will help if your girlfriend is between sizes. Just make sure you keep writing all this info down so that your stylist can show you the right products to choose from.

5. Know how TALL she is.

You don’t have to be super-specific, but a general idea of how tall she is very helpful. This can rule out a few styles that don't work well for her height so you can focus more on what DOES look great. And, not having to make a return or exchange is SO much sexier for everyone involved.


Chrystal Bougon, Sex Toy Expert and Resident Curvy Girl at Curvy Girl Lingerie.