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Discover and Activate Your Authentic Woman Energy

"If only knew,who you really are?"

About Crystal Andrus


We teach what we need to learn.

It’s true.

The greatest teachers are passionate about certain topics and causes because they are ultimately passionate about helping themselves.

It sounds selfish; yet as I look back over my life, my greatest successes where driven by a deep need to heal myself. I was the walking wounded.

Who knew that by sharing my struggles and triumphs, thousands of other women would feel safe enough to share theirs, too?

My name is Crystal Andrus. I’m a women’s advocate and an international leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. A 3x bestselling Hay House author, host of “The Crystal Andrus Show” on CBS Radio,  and Founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute – the world’s #1 online Personal Empowerment Certification Coaching School for women.

But it wasn’t always easy . . . (and sometimes, still isn’t.)

From a tough beginning—my parent's turbulent divorce at age 12, being split from my siblings, a stranger rape at 14, continued sexual abuse from a family friend (where I was sent to live), moving on my own at 15, marrying young, battling health scares and a huge weight gain, then a difficult divorce that left me almost bankrupt, to becoming a single mother to my two young daughters—I used every setback as jet-fuel for my happiness and success.

I’ve learned how to channel anger, pain, sorrow, betrayals, and letdowns in a positive way.

But for many women, this feels like an impossible feat . . .

Instead, their anger implodes on them. They misdirect it. Sabotage. Beat up on themselves. And eventually, are convinced that maybe this is “as good as it gets.”

It’s not.

Life can be whirlwind, a merry-go-round, a rollercoaster, or a calm, serene walk on the beach. We get to choose.

I’d love to offer you FREE access to my 21-Day Create & Sustain Success Course that will help you get clear on exactly what you want and exactly how to get it. (Valued at $297). Click here now!

Touring with The Power Within and the I Can Do It Hay House Events has allowed me to share the stage with some of the most influential people of our time—Dr. Phil, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford, Cheryl Richardson, Suze Orman, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Sarah Ferguson - the Duchess of York, among many others.

My first book Simply...Woman!: The 12-Week Total Transformation Program (January 2005) was a blockbuster success, coming in at #14 as the “Reader's Choice” for the book that “most influenced their life” at Chapters, Indigo, and Coles across Canada. (40,000 readers were polled.)

My second book, Transcendent Beauty! (March 2006) was another huge personal success that cracked-open my television calling. First seen weekly on CTV's CanadaAM, I was then hired as the Life Coach and Nutritionist on the hit show, X-Weighted, seen on Slice in Canada, Discovery Health in the US, SBS Belgium (in Flemish!), SBS Netherlands (in Dutch), Television New Zealand, Foxtel Australia, British Sky Broadcasting (UK, Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands).

My third book, Simply...EMPOWERED! (March 1, 2010) was hailed as one of the year's "must-reads". Dr. Christiane Northrup says it is: "A complete guide to creating the life of your dreams" and Debbie Ford claims: "If you are ready to become the hero of your own life, this book will get you there!"

I’m now working on my fourth book, I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar! (To be released in May 2013.) A concept based on three archetypes: Woman Energy, Daughter Energy, and Mother Energy, this exciting work explains how our dominant energy shapes our destiny—affecting everything from our body, weight, and health, including addictions, ailments, and dysfunctions, to our style of parenting, wealth, career choices, leadership skills, relationships, and love life, including the type of guy you’ll end up with: Man Energy, Son Energy, or Father Energy.

Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I’m a lifelong learner—passionate about health, fitness, yoga, reading, cooking, loving, sharing, and caring.

I live in a grand old farmhouse in a tiny town in southern Ontario, with my new husband, scrumptious teenage girls, three dogs, two cats, and flock of singing canaries.

Life is good . . . but I’m certain, its still not as good as it gets!

Crystal Andrus Success Stories

We All Need Help Sometimes

Women starting over





“As a Certified Life Coach I have had the opportunity to be exposed to most of the theory and some of the exercises in this course and have had the pleasure of guiding many wonderful people through life challenges and empowering them to steer their own course.

The most important lesson I learned from my experience as a Coach is that I cannot be my own Life Coach!! I need outside guidance and support. It is impossible to give yourself the best counsel when you are in emotional turmoil. There is also the advantage of tapping into new information and resources when you reach out to others for help. Most people assume I have all of the answers because of my training and experience - the truth is WE ALL NEED HELP SOMETIMES!! Real strength and courage is being truthful enough to recognize you need it, find it and use it! Crystal is a fantastic facilitator. She gives guidance in a gentle loving voice and instinctively knows when the situation requires her to be assertive and passionate in delivering a message. Crystal shares her own personal feedback about her life path and really opens the door to others through this example for women to share their own personal stories. Crystal also makes a point of sharing how much she learns from each course every time she facilitates one and really understands that to be a great teacher you must also be willing to be the student. The information and guidance delivered throughout this course is powerful, spiritual and loving. It is delivered by a woman who is passionate about living her life authentically. Crystal is genuinely dedicated to helping others to achieve a state of happiness and vitality in their own lives through bonding and open communication. Crystal gives reassurance to stay with the course at your own pace. She understands that not everyone is on the same page at the same time. I really appreciated the calm invitation to just start again wherever I was at and to do the exercises at my own pace. I became very ill and fell behind in the middle of the course. I wanted to give up and quit. Amazing that Crystal talked about going at your own pace during the telecourse exactly when I needed to hear it!! I have never participated in any kind of telecourse before. I really enjoyed going at my own pace and having the ability to replay the recordings. I am so thankful for the loving support and guidance I received during this course.

Thank you so much for your gift of time and knowledge Crystal. Your dedication to yourself and to the women who join the telecourse is profound, loving and life changing. Best Wishes to you on your journey and thank you for being my guide, mentor and teacher. I still have work to do to achieve the state of living and being in happiness, success and joy that I deserve. Thanks to this telecourse I have taken more steps forward on this incredible journey and I have gained the courage and knowledge I need to keep moving in the direction of love and joy.”

Janell Kingston



Personal Journey ~The 12 Week Total Transformation Course

Women starting over

"Before I met Crystal Andrus and her work, the field of coaching and self-growth was a mystery for me. As a researcher in Microbiology and Natural sciences and as a professional athlete, I have been taught that our reality is determined by our 5 senses and that life just happens to us. This transformational TeleCourse had really shaken my way of approaching life. I realized that we create our reality with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and that every year some additional layers are accumulated on our pure and authentic spirit. I realized that only 'I' am in charge of my life.more

This course helped me to find out who I really am, what my needs are and deep desires are, along with what fears are preventing me from having the life of my dreams. Starting to speak my truth has had a big impact on my life.
I didn't have any expectations before starting this 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse and I was amazed the gentle way Crystal guides you through this process. Personal transformation just happened in such a natural way. I realized how my relationship with others transformed when I changed the way I was thinking and I speaking to myself."
Klara Maucec, 2-time Olympic Competitor


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