Should I Have Told My Ex I Cheated On Him?

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If your unfaithful past stands in your way, Crystal Andrus can help.

The easiest way to relieve guilt associated with infidelity is to tell the person you betrayed that you cheated. However, according to a poll of over 100 YourTango Experts, when someone in a relationship has been unfaithful, it isn't always best for him/her to tell his/her partner. So, what's a person supposed to do to feel better about her unfaithful past? And is she destined to repeat her mistakes — or worse — in the future?

In this video, dating coach, author and YourTango Expert Crystal Andrus answers the follwing viewer question: I've never been honest with my ex-husband about an affair I had during our marriage, and I'm worried that my ability to keep secrets is a sign that I can't be truly intimate with another person. Am I doomed to repeat this in another relationship? Help! I Can't Get Over My Divorce

"We've all kept secrets," says Crystal, "it doesn't mean you're not capable of having an intimate relationship; it means that somehow, someway in your first marriage there was a total breakdown in communication."

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