Should I Have Told My Ex I Cheated On Him?

If your unfaithful past stands in your way, Crystal Andrus can help.

Should I Have Told My Ex I Cheated On Him? [VIDEO]

The easiest way to relieve guilt associated with infidelity is to tell the person you betrayed that you cheated. However, according to a poll of over 100 YourTango Experts, when someone in a relationship has been unfaithful, it isn't always best for him/her to tell his/her partner. So, what's a person supposed to do to feel better about her unfaithful past? And is she destined to repeat her mistakes — or worse — in the future?


In this video, dating coach, author and YourTango Expert Crystal Andrus answers the follwing viewer question: I've never been honest with my ex-husband about an affair I had during our marriage, and I'm worried that my ability to keep secrets is a sign that I can't be truly intimate with another person. Am I doomed to repeat this in another relationship? Help! I Can't Get Over My Divorce

"We've all kept secrets," says Crystal, "it doesn't mean you're not capable of having an intimate relationship; it means that somehow, someway in your first marriage there was a total breakdown in communication."


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