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Years in Practice

3-5 years


San Jose CA 95128 - United States



Additional Expertise

Author, Clergy, Counselor/Therapist, Dating Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Educator, Wellness Coach, YourTango Expert Partner

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Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

A river of joy within is your birthright!

About Corey Alexander

I'm a Relationship Coach and my purpose is to support more fulfilling and joyful relationships. I live near Santa Monica, CA (and I love invitations to travel). Sessions are mostly by phone and occaisionally in person.

I bring a depth of understanding and compassion from over 3,000 hours of individual, relationship and group coaching experience, which include designing and leading workshops in communication, intimate relationship and sacred sexuality. The teachings of David Deida and Thomas Leonard, as well as participation in the Human Awareness Institute, inform my life and work.

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Corey Alexander Success Stories

Woman looking for her man

Women seeking a relationship

The giving, loving, pleasurable flow of sexual energy, unimpeded by fear, guilt or shame is both our natural birthright and the entry to our being-force. Though we can do our own work to re-claim our feminine power, being with a daka is like rocket fuel to our unfolding. If you are blessed to be with a sacred healer such as this, you are fortunate indeed! Corey is a high daka of love who has pure, deep compassion and skill that comes from cultivated wisdom. What you will gain from your time with him will be meeting the beauty, bliss and power of your feminine Self, the Goddess that you are. Without reservation, Corey is a trusted man I can recommend to all my sisters on the path to their awakening. Sabari

Learning to open up to the world

Women seeking to start over in a relationship

Gentle, patient, kind and sweet: Corey is a gifted practioner in the healing art of sacred spot massage. My life is forever changed for the better!more

When we first met I sensed his beautiful energy and internal calm. I am so comfortable with him. He created an atmosphere with clear boundaries conducive to me letting out my true bliss. It can be a scary process and Corey masterfully guided me through, step by step.

I’m happier, more open to the moment, lighter, and people say I “look younger”! Do I recommend Corey? No, because I want to keep him all to myself! Just kidding; enjoy sisters! Namaste, Mary-Margaret

I was shut down inside

Women starting over

I hadn't felt anything in my body for a very long time and I was scared that I could never be happy again. In my amazing session with Corey I discovered a "River of Joy" running through me! more

Sacred is this place! I am grateful for the knowing that tantra lives inside me and I'm free to own my power of love with grace and ease.

In God's love, Celeste

Learning how to feel again

Women with sexual dysfunctions

Thank you Corey! In all my life I have never felt so comforted and soothed. You've helped me more than anyone! Pamela

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