When A Woman Turns A Man's Head

When a Woman Turns a Man's Head

When a man notices a beautiful woman he has a choice of how he directs the energy in his body. He can feel desire in his mind or in his genitals. He can make a mental judgment or critique of her looks or how she puts her energy out. He can go through a quick mental exercise of assessing the likelihood of interacting with her in various ways and his chances with her. He can perhaps judge himself for his lustful thoughts.

A man who goes around feeling lust for random women will be constantly reinforced by what he does not have. It is much better to feel each passing beauty as just that. Allow yourself to be blessed and let it pass. Depending on the proximity and the level of desire the woman can sense the man’s attention. She will likely feel it either as an undesirable “taking” or something sweet depending on the quality of the man’s intent.

I suggest feeling into your body when a beautiful woman turns your head and transmuting that feeling into an appreciation for her as a creation of God. Breathe with the feelings in your body at the sight of her form as if it were elixir, as a desert traveler coming across a spring of water.

The feeling that is alive in the moment for you can be circulated in your body energetically to nourish your cells. If you feel energy in your genitals first then pull the sensation with your breath up to your heart. Breathe in the aliveness and optimism you feel and collect it with the breath at your heart. Feel gratitude to God for your life and for the beauty of women. This isn’t something you think so much as it is a sensation and an emotion. Allow the feeling to glow outward from your heart as if it were a warm, soft, conscious light. Let your skin tingle as your body fills with optimism and light. Perhaps you may generate a feeling of love for all beings.

Do not let yourself imagine taking away from her in any way. But, rather take your own feeling as confirmation that you are alive and well and let it feed you as a moment of appreciation that such beings inhabit our world. You may even develop a little message to think to yourself such as “I would protect and serve her were she ever in danger” or “God has truly blessed this world”, for example.

And then, importantly, let her go. Do not recall her to your thoughts later. Let the moment pass so you can be present for the moment you have now. What you can keep is a sense of being enlivened and a rejuvenation of your spirit (that is not connected to another person). What has then taken place is that your own life force has been awakened a little more.

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