Years in Practice

25 years +


Lexington KY 40502 - United States



Additional Expertise

Consultant, Counselor/Therapist, Personal Development Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

You can create personal and professional transformation to step into your greatest potential!

About Connie Milligan

I help people find healthy pathways to positive change.  Whether in individual or group work, training or consulting, the goal is the same; to provide services that create change at the heart level!

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over thirty years of experience providing clinical services and executive leadership, I’ve been a change agent in the mental health and social justice arenas. I provide services that address issues at their root.

I work with people seeking personal growth or waking up to the realization that change needs to occur in their life. Whether it’s a large transition or small shifts, I help people learn how to use their inner guidance system, change negative patterns of thought and beliefs that block growth and seek opportunities to enhance their greatest potential. It’d be an honor to collaborate with you for this purpose!

I love helping people step into their fullest potential. I have found that this works best independent of the medical model's focus on the diagnosis of negative symptoms. When the focus is on positive potential, rather than unraveling negative personal history, it’s a pleasurable and more effortless change process.

This work is based on training and study I’ve done over the last ten years which has shifted my orientation from providing classic psychotherapy and traditional problem-solving type interventions to providing Transformational Life Coaching, training and consultation.  It’s potential based; it looks at the direction change needs and wants to flow and it enhances people personally and professionally. This exciting transformation process is done through individual coaching, training and executive consultation.

Clinical and Coaching Expertise:

I’ve had a long career providing clinical therapy in private practice and community mental health working with people experiencing every kind of life adjustment and crisis. My compassion and ability to engage and understand at a deep level is a strong tool in helping people make needed changes. While I have been trained in many different treatment modalities (CBT, DBT, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, etc.), I find that there are core skills that are at the heart of creating change. These skills are my ability to be present, using insight and genuine curiosity as a collaborative partner  with you. Together we illuminate the root of your concerns while finding a path that allows you to step into your full potential.  This is my specialty no matter what the issue. This is the gift I have enhanced through training as a Transformational Life Coach.

Executive Consultation Skills:

As a Corporate Director of programs at Bluegrass.org, I developed and directed numerous Outpatient Counseling Clinics, an Employee Assistance Program, Emergency Services, Intake and Assessment services and a state-wide, national award winning program that takes mental health services to the jails of Kentucky. In these capacities I managed staff, marketed programs and had fiscal responsibility. I have published journal articles, conducted over thirty workshops and presentations at state and national and international conferences, received numerous state and national awards, provided extensive professional training, served as the President of my professional board and other statewide professional groups and have generated and passed legislation to initiate social change. My gifts are my ability to see the big picture of what needs to happen and provide direction as a clear and strategic thinker, planner, organizer, speaker and trainer.

I am using all this experience as a Transformational Life Coach and Trainer along with providing Community and Justice Consultation through my company Spectrum Transformation Services, LLC. I welcome your inquiry on how I can be helpful to you!

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