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“With every individual,” says Colette, “I immediately see pictures in my mind, representing events and experiences – names, and dates, pertaining to their life or the lives of people that have affected them. It’s as if I’m remembering them- things I couldn’t possibly know. It’s also common for me to connect to the personality of someone who has transitioned. These images play out like puzzle pieces, and it’s my job to fit them together and to identify any unconscious psychological patterns that may be holding the person back and provide them with credible concepts with which to move forward in the most life-affirming and productive way.”

“The future is a probable or potential place but the Now is where that’s created. Every thought, emotion, action and reaction serves to paint the picture of the future. My job is to help my client become conscious of their responsibility and their part in it.”


About Colette Baron-Reid

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally renowned intuitive counselor, educator and #1 best selling author who helps others recognize and connect with their own intuition, potential and purpose.  A powerful motivational speaker, charismatic broadcast personality, and acclaimed performer, storyteller and recording artist, Colette uses her extraordinary spiritual gifts to empower her clients to live a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is spiritual, deliberate and meaningful. Colette is also the founder of the Master Intuitive Coach® Institute.

Through a 22–year practice, built strictly by word of mouth, Colette has advised over 35,000 individual clients in 29 countries. For three years Colette toured as the opening speaker at publisher Hay House Inc. multi-speaker events and conferences. Colette has provided her insight and compassionate delivery of messages as an Intuitive Counselor and Life Strategist in front of over 150,000 people.

Inspired and informed by the study of metaphysics, spiritual, transpersonal, and Jungian psychology, Colette’s approach combines her knowledge with the profound intuitive gifts she shares with her clients. Her trademark warmth, integrity and humor, infectious laughter and personality inspire many people to call her the “Rachael Ray” of the personal development and self-help world.

A trusted advisor to an international coterie of celebrities, politicians and CEOs, Colette’s mission is to deliver inspired self-revelation.  Her purpose is to help individuals understand where they are, how they got there, where they are heading, and how to live life to its fullest potential and meaningful purpose.

In a full-length feature, international fashion magazine ‘W’, Colette is praised for her accuracy, her objectivity, and the detailed nature of her readings.

She is held in high regard by other prominent authors and personal growth teachers: Brian L. Weiss, M.D., NY Times Best- selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters claims “Colette Baron-Reid is a gifted spiritual intuitive. Her readings are especially accurate and have helped to comfort and heal many people over the years.  I can highly recommend her.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer, NY Times best-selling author of Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life and Excuses Be Gone, says “ I have personally consulted with Colette and I find her to be 100% credible.”

Whether Colette is counseling a client in person or by phone, her process – and her ability to pick up intimate specifics of past and present relationships and circumstances – is consistent and awe-inspiring.

A high demand for her services as well as the desire to share her gift and teach others have inspired Colette to expand her practice to include personal growth workshops and transformational intensives, mentoring, and motivational speaking on such topics as harnessing your intuition, understanding the alchemy of love, and spiritual responsibility.
After the world wide success of her #1 book, The Map, many of her clients and former students began asking if she would be training practitioners in her groundbreaking process IN-Vizion® introduced in this book.

In 2012 Colette and her team have come together to offer the Master Intuitive Coach® Institute – an integrative coaching system that offers students a unique and satisfying holistic experience helping others achieve their dreams while creating their own.

A popular guest on radio and TV, Colette also hosts her own weekly call-in program on CBS NewSkyRadio.com. She has been featured on Oprah and Friends with Dr. Mehmet Oz, George Noory’s Coast To Coast and many others.

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