5 Survival Steps For People Who Feel Too Much At Work

Overwhelmed at work? You may be clairsentient and not know it. Here's what to do to thrive at work.


For years and years I thought I was the only one on the planet to live life the way I do. Hyper sensitive to my surroundings, I was forever embracing self destructive habits that helped me survive the constant stimulation coming at me from all directions. These days I work in an environment that is perfect for me but that wasn’t always the case.

If you are in a job where you feel overwhelmed much of the time, you may be clairsentient like me. Especially in this economic climate, people who feel too much can really suffer at work. Even in great jobs, clairsentients who are not aware of their sponge-like tendency to pick up on the stress of their co-workers will crack under the pressure.


Clairsentience is simply a inner sense that all human share to one degree or another.. According to Wikipedia, a Clairsentient is a person who can “feel the vibration of other people. There are many different degrees of clairsentience ranging from the perception of diseases of other people to the thoughts or emotions of other people. The ability differs from third eye in that this kind of ability cannot have a vivid picture in the mind. Instead, a very vivid feeling can form.”

If you are coming home exhausted from work and see little hope of advancement, before you quit, see if you can relate to Mary’s story:


When Mary called me for help, I was just putting together my first People Who Feel Too Much course, and I instantly recognized that she fit the bill of an “intuitive empath.” She was fascinated by my research on clairsentience and People Who Feel Too Much. She immediately saw what was going on—She had become so full of every body’s energy at work that she’d lost touch with her own feelings.

Mary’s company, like many today, was going through a major restructuring and hundreds were losing their jobs all around her. Even though she had been reassured by her boss that she was safe in her position, she couldn’t help being anxious and jumpy at work. As a matter of fact, Mary confided in me that she felt something bad was going to happen months before the first layoff.

After the lay offs, she actually got promoted into a position she had longed for, but before too long she started sensing a different kind of worry. Even though she and her coworkers were secure in their jobs, there was an uncomfortable edge of competition and back biting that was continually draining her.

She no longer had the energy to meet up with friends after work; instead she’d turn to tub after tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. When that was finished she would hit the saltiest snack she had in the house and wolf it down completely clueless as to why in the world she was eating at all.


Once Mary realized she is a Person Who Feels Too Much, she could put together a plan and start to manage the demands on her energy in a more positive way. If you can relate to Mary’s story and secretly wish that you could feel more comfortable at work, here are some easy steps to ground yourself during your work day:

1. SALT: The Miracle Mineral - People have been using Himalayan Salt to cleanse and purify for centuries. Having salt at the office can stabilize the environment. I suggest putting two small bowls of salt on your desk in the northwest and southwest corners. If you go to a specialty shop, you can find beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps to plug in the each room.

At home in the evenings, steal an idea from my friend Arielle Ford. Finish a day with a soak in Epsom Salts and stay in the tub as the water drains. Allow the negativity you experienced that day to flow down the drain. Breathe deeply. Finish with a hot shower.

2. Ask Yourself: Is that my feeling or someone else's? - When you become aware of being upset or on edge, simply acknowledging that something is off is very powerful. You will get better and better at feeling when your environment is too stimulating. Name the emotion you are sensing. Is it fear, loneliness, anger or doubt? Then ask, where is this feeling coming from? Trust what comes to you. Chances are you are picking up on some one else’s feelings.


3. Put Your Hands Into Water: Once you notice that someone’s feelings are impacting you, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom or kitchen and run your wrists under cool or warm water. Breathe deeply and tell yourself the truth: In this moment, all is well and I am fine. Thank you Louise Hay.

4. Bring Inner Light to Your Work Environment: I have a colleague who carries a pocketful of small crystals to work every day to absorb the negative energy. She suggests the dark crystals like black tourmaline, hematite, Apache Tears and smokey quartz.. Fresh flowers, a spray bottle of salt water, candles and of course a fish bowl or small aquarium bring lots of great energy to your space.

5. Stand Up For Yourself: Clairsentients often have a terrible time expressing their ideas at work. Because they are so good at feeling the feelings of others, they don’t want to cause bad feelings in others to start with. What a vicious cycle. The more you stay lost on the sidelines, the more you lose touch with yourself. Plus, as someone who feels too much, it’s crucial that you practice these new skills with patience. The easier it is to detach from other people’s energy, the better you will succeed at work. Take a chance this week. Speak up about something, anything, just do it!


Mary is doing much better at work these days. She makes sure to get outside for a brisk 5 minute walk when stressed and now is able to hold her positive outlook and radiant confidence for longer and longer at the office. Her boss is noticing her strong leadership potential and giving her more responsibility on the job. She is learning to speak up for herself at work and at home. If you can relate to Mary's story, be sure to take action on these survival steps, they work!

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