The 5 Amazing Benefits Of Living The Single Life

Single: 5 Reasons Living The Single Life Rocks

When you're single it can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the things in your life that might be better if you were in a relationship. We're not saying that being in a relationship is not wonderful or the right thing for a lot of people, but over the course of our lives there are times when most of us will be experience being single and that can be a really fabulous thing. Let's celebrate because there are things that are absolutely better while you are single.

Here's our list of 5 things that are better about being single:

  1. Save Time And Money: You can skip expensive and time consuming grooming. Save time and money on things like shaving, pedicures, full face of make-up, blowouts, etc. These things might make you happy and if that's the case, of course you're free to do whatever makes you happy. But you can stop doing them for someone else or feeling the pressure to keep up a look that is expensive and time consuming just because you think it makes someone else happy or makes you more attractive to them.
  2. You're The Star: It's all about you! You can put yourself first for a change. Go to bed when you want, sleep on the side of the bed you want, eat whatever you want for dinner, see the movie you want to watch, let your dogs (or cats) on the furniture if you want, spend money on what you want, go on vacation where you want, live where you want and the list goes on. Being single can be really wonderful when you're the star.
  3. Get To Know Yourself: You get to spend time learning about who you are and what makes you happy. Do you like chocolate, strawberry or maybe banana nut ice cream? Maybe you like all three together. The more you know about yourself and what you like the more confident you become. The combination of that confidence and knowing what you want (now that you know more about what makes you happy) not only can mean a happier you, but a more attractive you to friends and potential mates.
  4. Taking Out Your Own Trash: Healing your yuck. We all have things from our past that need some attention and healing. Being able to fully focus on yourself and whatever it is that you need to heal your past to become the most empowered you is much easier when you're single. When you can focus entirely on yourself and not be distracted by someone else's yuck, you can be more effective in clearing up your own blocks to your best self. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take care of yourself while you are single.
  5. Write Your Own Love Story: Fall in love with yourself. When you're single you are free from the demands of making someone else happy or trying to get them to make you happy. Take time to step back and appreciate the best of you and what you have to offer. Show yourself the love that you would be showing someone else. Write a list of what you love most about yourself and focus on those qualities in yourself. Don't be surprised if you find your heart bursting with love for you.

Take time to celebrate being single and focusing on you for once. If a relationship is something that you desire someday, everything on this list will support you in being a better partner when the time comes. You'll be grateful you had the chance to focus on yourself and the time to grow more into your best self.

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