3 Ways To Master Your Unique Empath Energy

Use it for good, not evil.

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To be an empath is to have a higher than usual sensitivity to energy.

Empaths feel other people's energy and emotions. Empath energy can be a crippling handicap or a tremendous advantage, depending on how practiced you are at deliberately calibrating your own energy.

Human beings are both energy transmitters and energy receivers. In every waking moment, you send out energetic or vibrational signals that other human beings receive with varying degrees of sensitivity.


Your thoughts broadcast an energetic vibration, as do your emotions, current and chronic moods, dominant beliefs, and moment-by-moment expectations. And this energy moves in streams.

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Like currents in a river, harmonic frequencies are drawn together through the power of attraction, where they join and become stronger.


A helpful way to understand the energetic nature of your thoughts, moods, and emotions is to think in terms of the invisible radio signals that are constantly being transmitted through our airwaves.

There's an infinite number of radio signals that are potentially accessible to everyone, in every moment, but which of these you're actually able to receive depends entirely on the "station," so to speak, that your receivers are tuned to.

Here are 3 ways to master your empath energy and sensitivity so you can use them to your advantage.

1. Tune in with the subtle, inner realm of your thoughts, impressions, and emotions.

Set time aside at the beginning of your day to deliberately focus on your breath.

Your breath is a vehicle that connects your physical body with your energy body or aura. By placing your gentle awareness on the movement of your breath, in and out, you naturally begin to transcend to the more subtle dimensions of your being.


As you become more in sync with the subtle fluctuations of your energy field, set the intention to ground yourself, settle your emotions, and calm your mind.

With your next breath, allow yourself to notice if any of your energy is scattered out in the universe — energy that has been focused on other people or projects or goals or situations — and, in this moment, just call that energy back to yourself.

Begin to notice that your energy field — or aura — is not confined to your body, but actually radiates three feet or more from your physical form.

And notice also that it’s not static but a shimmering, moving, and swirling configuration of light and energy.


2. Consciously release any memories, emotions, or impressions that are not serving you at this time.

Unless you deliberately release it, the energy of past hurtful experiences stays with you and affects the vibrations you carry into each important aspect of your life, which can affect your mental health.

As you scan your energy body with the intention of settling and quieting your vibration, be aware of any negative emotions you’re holding onto that are troubling you or interfering with your experience of inner peace.

Use your breath to consciously acknowledge and then release the memory of those rude comments, or the interaction that left you with hurt feelings, or any experience that you’ve been replaying in your mind, wishing it would have worked out differently.

With every deep breath, feel the energy of this encounter dissolve and release from your aura.


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3. Bring into your energy body the frequency of vibration that you wish to infuse into your life.

When you don’t take the time to prepare your empath energy field in advance, you often feel influenced by — or at the mercy of — the energies of those around you, both positive and negative.

If you don't learn the art of energy mastery, you can feel overwhelmed by other people's emotions or brought down by their negative energy.

But you don't need to wait until you’re already in the middle of a particular interaction or situation and then simply react to the environment that’s around you.


In fact, reacting to what’s already happening diminishes your creative power and saps you of energy, as you no doubt have experienced.

Instead, you can decide in advance how you want to show up and how you want to feel and then set yourself up to experience that in every way you can think of.

As you connect back in with your energy body, imagine yourself magnetizing and drawing from the universe at large the exact energies you wish to infuse into your life.

Vitality, clarity, creativity, and joy — these are not simply moods. They are vibrational frequencies that you, as an empath, have the ability to tune to. And you can do this independent of anyone or anything around you.


If you’re a visual person, you can visualize these frequencies as particular colors of a rainbow, permeating your energy body, brightening your mood, and raising your vibration.

If you’re more of a kinesthetic person, you can simply feel yourself receiving the frequency of energy you desire, and allowing this upgrade to alter your thoughts, your physiology, and your mood.

Feel yourself being showered in a stream of sparkling, clear, good feeling energy, and allow your personal vibration to rise up to meet it.

You attract what you give your empath energy field to.

Think about it. You bring the potent energy of your thoughts, moods, and expectations into every situation you encounter.


This means you’re not a blank slate when you walk into that job interview or when you go to meet that guy for a first date.

In every interaction, the energy you walk in with creates a trajectory for the experience you’ll have when you walk out. From an energetic perspective, the universe at large is like a giant, still pond.

When you give attention to a particular outcome — whether it’s an outcome you want or don’t want — it’s like throwing a pebble into the center of that still pond.

The ripples that come back to the shore are what play out in real-time as life experiences.


The more deliberate we are about the energy we bring into any situation, the more likely we are to create joyful, successful, and good-feeling experiences.

And this is where empaths have a huge advantage.

Most of the world does not possess the same high sensitivity to other's energy that empaths do.

Most are unaware that the way they direct their attention has a powerful correlation with the quality of experiences they magnetize into their lives.

But, until you understand the importance of maintaining your own personal vibration, you can make the critical mistake of permitting your energy fields to be influenced by whatever is going on around you, rather than calibrating your vibration on purpose.


As an empath, it’s especially important to learn how to regulate your energy field, rather than allowing the energies of others to toss you about like a sailboat in a storm.

Once you’re practiced at this skill, you’ll see your sensitivity to energy as your greatest ally in creating a fabulous life.

Empaths already have an innate affinity for tuning into their energy. By using the power of your focus and these energy mastery techniques, you can tune into the precise frequency of experiences that you desire.

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Christy Whitman is an energy healer, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. Her latest book, The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power is on sale now. You can take the first step in aligning with and creating your desires by participating in a free 30-day program called Watch Your Words.