Come On Men Keep It Straight When Dating Multiple Women

Come on Men Keep it Straight When Dating Multiple Women

Men can be so funny or sometimes maybe they just have adult deficit disorder, but which ever the case maybe keep the women that you are seeing straight please! I have seen so many women get their hearts broken, because men have gotten caught playing the field and they had no idea. Of course, it is a good thing they found out sooner rather than later when they have already walked down the aisle. 

Mens dirty tricks can be and not limited to: texting multiple people and then accidentally send the wrong text to the wrong girl. This has happen to me and it was hilarious. It was completely out of context and he thought if he said it was an Iphone misspelling, which yes IPhones do that a lot, but in this instance that was not the case. He was definitely texting someone else! He was dropped and forgotten about immediately.

The next one is phone calls. Say he is away on a business trip and to keep it interesting you two decide to have phone sex. He gets another call and then the next thing you know when he comes back he is way past the part where you left off. Remember Miranda in Sex and the CIty?

The next one is you see him out and he is supposed to be at work or doing something else and there the bastard is with, you guessed it another woman. Please do not take it out on the girl she probably has no clue about you anymore than you had about her!

And finally you guys have made plans numerous times and he keeps canceling for whatever reason. But be honest with yourself, YOU ARE FABULOUS, so regardless the reason he should want and crave to be with you every second of the day and if he keeps canceling he is probably with someone else. And you should think to yourself that is a great thing because now you can look for someone who will want to spend every waking moment with you!

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