Stop Working So Hard To Find Love

Did you know that in the average day you thinkin 60,000 thoughts and the vast majority are negative, about yourself? That 93% of the images and words you see everyday go directly into your subconscious, forming all kinds of beliefs and patterns you are oblivious too? And did you furthermore know that of those images and words, the majority are filling your head with one major message:

'You are not enough.’

Which gets translated into things like …

“No one will ever love you.”
“Better to keep the relationship you have that risk not being loved at all.”
“If she/he doesn’t love you know one will.”
“You are damaged goods, unlovable.”
“You are all alone.”

Do you know where these crazy messages come from?

They are the voice of your inner critic, or what I like to refer to as your Inner Mean Girl for women or Inner Mean Dude for men. And they can be relentless, overbearing, and be a BIG downer and sabotager to your love life.

Unless that is, you have built up your Inner Wisdom to be stronger (more on that below). Just like training for a marathon and building physical muscles, to be a successful, happy and confident person with a fabulous love life, you’ve got to be strengthening your Inner Wisdom muscles to be stronger than your inner critics tricks -- and that means every day you and your Inner Wisdom are hitting the emotional, mental and spiritual gym.

You wouldn't go to the gym to start training your physical muscles the day before a marathon, would you? No way! You'd peril on the pavement. So why would the marathon of your love life be any different? It's not.

Put these 4 self-love and inner wisdom building super tips into practice daily and you will develop the confidence and conviction that you can do anything... no matter what the outside world is telling you:

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