10 Ways To Make Your Fairy Tale Dream Come True

10 Ways To Make Your Fairy Tale Dream Come True [EXPERT]

Every girl dreams of meeting her Prince Charming. After all, what's more romantic than a knight in shining armor sweeping you off your feet and whisking you away to your very own castle? But fairy tales have a fatal flaw: the princesses must always wait for their Prince Charmings to arrive. Take Sleeping Beauty, for example. She had to wait a hundred years just to get a kiss from her one true love. In real life, who has that kind of time? Dating: How Do You Know If Someone Is A Match?

Practically speaking, women must not wait pathetically for the man of their dreams to fall in love with them. Women should take a little initiative so that they won't end up waiting in vain. With that in mind, here are ten simple tips for attracting your Prince Charming: Will Wealth Make Your Relationship Richer?

1. Enhance yourself. Now, don't take this tip the wrong way. You don't need plastic surgery, but you should know your assets and how to enhance them. After all, you want to play the role of a princess, not a hideous hag. Helpful Ways To Meet Your Partner's Needs

2. Be interesting. Do friends and family often accuse you of being square? Loosen up! Nobody was born boring. Remember, even though men are essentialy visual creatures, dull women are almost as unappealing as unattractive ones.

3. Dress up. We all know that men appreciate women who look good, but dressing up will also make you feel more confident and beautiful.

4. Be healthy! Avoid eating junk food. It's bad for your skin, hair and nails. Try to eat healthy foods because in the long run, you will radiate a healthy glow which will make men turn their heads and say "ooh la la."

5. Be feminine. Being feminine doesn't mean that you have to act girlish and helpless. Show off your feminine side in subtle ways. Just make sure that your dream man is watching so that your feminine efforts won't go to waste.

6. Be modest. Just like women hate men who are known to be suave Casanovas, men also dislike women who have a reputation of being a tease. Try to keep your relationships with other men decent and discrete to avoid turning your dream man away.

7. Loosen up. If you are so uptight about schedules, morality, and other stuff, loosen up! Show the world that you also know how to laugh out loud, unwind and get down and dirty every once in a while.

8. Don't try too hard. Men prefer women who take it easy. They are attracted to those women who know how to accept the reality and don't desperately try to change themselves. Show everyone that you are comfortable in your own skin, just the way you are. Tips For Women To Keep Their Marriage Strong

9. Make eye contact. Usually, women forget the meaning of the word eye contact whenever the man of their dreams is in front of them. Avoid doing this because your dream guy might take your lack of eye contact with him the wrong way. He might think that you are uninterested in him.

10. Love yourself. You should love yourself first before you can expect for your dream guy to fall in love with you.

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