How To Be Sexy (But Appropriate) At Work

a businesswoman

You put on the suit, grab your heels, look in the mirror and sigh. Same old suit, same boring look, same drag on your confidence. You want to wear something that is sexy, fun and just a little more ... you. But, you feel stuck in your job,  stuck in your suit and you desperately don't want to be "that" woman with the low-cut blouse and wrong impression, so you shrug and walk out the door. Sound familiar?

Women are judged far more by what we wear than men. Obviously Nancy Pelosi's suit or Michelle Obama's choice of dress is just as important as her platform, right? One lady's choice of pearls or no sleeves matters just as much as obesity and what's happening in North Korea. Clearly. Sheesh! Or ... perhaps we put too much emphasis on what we wear, instead of focusing on how we wear it?

The first way to be both sexy and appropriate at work has nothing to do with what you are wearing, and instead has everything to do with how you are wearing it. When you feel confident, sassy and comfortable in your skin, it is magnetic. People notice a spark about you, and you come across in a way that is both sexy and office appropriate. It's like being that amazing girl at the party that everyone wants to talk to and with. She's got confidence, a belief in herself and a certain style that is her own. That right there is all you need!

So the first question is: How confident are you at work? How good do you feel in your own skills, expertise and abilities when you strut around the office?

Do you feel great about what you do? Do you feel relaxed, calm and happy at work? Or are you feeling insecure, trapped or stuck in a job you no longer love? Take a moment and do an honest assessment. Where are you lacking in your confidence? Is it in your skills, abilities or your relationships to colleagues?

And if you feel weird doing this, I'm here to tell you that we all feel weird doing this, and you are not alone! But do it anyway.

So, once you identify where you feel less than your awesome and sassy self what is your plan to take action, to shore up some of your insecurites and mitigate the areas where you really feel like you struggle? Write down at least one thing you can do because the thing is, once you realize where you feel stressed, stretched or just uncomfortable, you can fix it. You are amazing, so all you need to do it get a gimlet eye on the problem, and then tackle it!

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Ok, the next thing to do is to figure out what you like most about your appearance. Is it your hair? Your hands? Your legs? Once you feel confident in the office, I want you to play up that part of yourself that you really love and shine a little light on it. If you love accessories, boost your sexiness at work through a signature or a statement necklace that makes your new, confident self stand out just a little bit more and gives you a shot of self-esteem. If you love your legs, break out the very sexy shoes that make you look tall and amazing and wear them with pride.

Take one area of your appearance and just enjoy it. Play it up, sizzle a little and have some fun. One thing isn't overwhelming. It doesn't take away from the professional you, it just adds a certain sparkle. Keep it to one area and enjoy the feeling of knowing that you look great!

One last tip. I said that it doesn't matter what suit you wear; it just matters how you wear it. However, I also think that whatever is under the suit adds a lot of inner confidence and sexp to your walk, and it is entirely appropriate since no one in your office can see it. A fun lingerie set, a cute bra, whatever gives you a little sass and secret goes a long way in bringing that extra something to the office ... but since no one can see it, it's entirely appropriate!

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