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9 Ways To Have Better Sex By Connecting To Yourself FIRST

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Amazingly Chi Sex Life

Are you having amazing, juicy sex? Or, when the topic is mentioned, would you rather change the subject?

As we navigate the barrage of social standards about having sex the "right" way, it's easy to get lost in the infinite shades of grey. What is pleasurable for one, can completely disgust another. So who decides what's "right" for YOU? 

Discovering your authentic sense of sexual wellbeing is the key to claiming the healthy, delicious sex you really desire.

Most of us have experienced critical judgments or wounding in our past that block healthy sexual connections today. As a body/mind energy therapist, my clients often report unhappiness and concern about the sex they're engaging in.

Sessions reveal low self-esteem and past sexual traumas that disconnect their mind and spirit from their body. Thankfully it is always possible to reclaim healthy sexual esteem. Here are nine powerful mind-body-soul ways to make that happen!


1. Get Active. Kundalini yoga and erotic dance are a just few ways to experience a sensual sense of body connection. As we develop a healthier sense of sexuality within ourselves first, we can gravitate to healthier sexual encounters.

2. Find Your Balance. When your core energy (or, chi) is healthy, your sex drive naturally increases. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine states that a strong libido and abundant kidney qi connect with health and longevity. Plus a good orgasm gives your skin a "happy kidney chi" glow.

3. Claim Your Sexy. Trust your limits when it comes to what turns you on. Feeling sexy inspires better self-care which supports long term health. If something doesn't truly feel good, let it go.


4. Exude Confidence. Quality life coaching and energy work can help you release old wounds and improve mental confidence in every area of your life. This gives you courage to explore new sexual pleasure you may not have realized possible.

5. Gain Control. Communicating from a healthy sense of inner-control lets you express your desire for what you really want. Or, just as important, to say "no" to sexual suggestions or requests that do not resonate as appropriate for you.

6. Create Boundaries. Healthy mental respect lets you honor yourself by creating healthy boundaries in advance. These boundaries keep you in positive choice about the sexual experiences you choose, instead of feeling obligated to any circumstance.


7. Plug Into Yourself. When you are spiritually connected, sexual intimacy can unfold in a deeper and more fulfilling way. Consider a group or individual soul retreat to explore more ways to take your sexuality to the next level.

8. Channel the Sacred. Spiritual or 'high channel' sex can open a connection that gives you a sense of purpose, as opposed to "sport sex" or "recreational sex" just to get off.

9. Stay Conscious. Setting your intention to heal, conceive or experience a positive spiritual connection, invites a powerful deepening of sexual intensity.

Our culture focuses on MORE sex as the key to happiness. But a Carnegie Melon study suggests that increased sexual activity for some research group participants actually led to decreased happiness.

Sex is only one of many factors to a happy life, otherwise it can have the opposite affect. When you are willing to "create happiness" in your own body, mind and universe first  healthier sex is more likely to naturally flow and really turn you on. 

It's when you feel healthy and confident that sex becomes most rewarding and almost effortless.  

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