Falling Into You: What I Learned From Autumn

water woman

Although many people don't look forward to the season, autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. Autumn, also known as fall and harvest, is the transitional period between summer and fall where temperatures begin to slowly drop, the sun sets earlier, the colors of nature begin to change, children go back to school. Autumn even continues to be a popular name for girls after many years, consistently ranking in the top 100.

I used to take time to stop when driving or just sit on a bench and watch the leaves falling from the trees, reflecting on everything those falling leaves represented. Each leaf clearing the way for something new, something greater. What could I remove from my life that would open the door for new, greater things? What have I been blocking from growing and allowing me to share my gifts and talents with the world? How about you?                                                                                                                                                  

Too often we become lost in the world we live in and we don't stop to regenerate as the seasons of nature do all too well. There is so much value in following natures lead and taking this time to clear out, to shake off the leaves that we are holding onto that no longer serve us. We hold onto to these things, the feelings and emotions or maybe the people in our lives that deter our growth. We let opportunities pass us by, continuing to settle never flourishing and fully blooming in our season. What would life look like if you took time to renew yourself? To allow for new growth, seizing the moment and the opportunities life has to offer? Would you make a career change? Start a business? Take that trip you always wanted to take or maybe even find time to love yourself or someone else....                                                                                                                                      

Take a few minutes to think about what you can let go of and release in your life that will bring you more joy. It could be a small step such as getting rid of that old sweater you have been hanging on to but you know when you wear it, it just dosen't feel good to you. Or, it could be ending a relationship or friendship that has been draining you so much you are no longer being authentic. Depending on what you choose, you may need to plan a release strategy so the transition is smooth and enjoyable. Whatever you choose to let go of, I congratulate you for taking the step.     

Taking the step takes courage, you are moving past something that you have held on to, sometimes so long that you have begun to accept the discomfort or pain. Know you can let go — choose to live a full, abundant life. Let your leaves fall, bare your true soul and watch the fullness of you shine through. If you find it difficult, I encourage you to work with a coach, counselor or trusted friend who will assist you and be there for support, motivation and accountability. People, things, moments are there for a season, some for a lifetime. Choose to live in the moment, live now....     

Me, well I am going to go take a drive, find a bench to sit on and maybe even dance in the rain.... Will you join me?