How Mercury Retrograde Joining Jupiter In Scorpio As Venus Goes Direct Affects All Zodiac Signs, Starting On November 17

According to the calculations of your Vedic astrology birth chart.

How Mercury Retrograde & Jupiter In Scorpio Affects All Zodiac Signs After Venus Goes Direct In November 2018, Based On Vedic Astrology Unsplash: rawpixel

The planetary phenomenon that is by far the most talked about — and dreaded! — in all of both Western and Vedic astrology starts this week.

Yup, Mercury in retrograde is back for the last time in 2018, beginning on November 17 (yup, just a day after Venus goes direct!) and lasting until December 6.

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign, this will occur under the Sun sign of Scorpio, which rules from November 16 to December 16 of every year.


It seems like everyone and their dentist knows the phrase "Mercury retrograde", believes in its power, knows when it's happening, and thinks it makes everyone and everything go a little bit “crazy.” I know because they complain to me about how that's when their computer crashed and their cell phone went on the fritz.

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Mercury goes retrograde between three and four times each year for three weeks at a time, and when it does, it tends to cause miscommunication, technological difficulties, misunderstandings, accidents, and arguments. In other words — drama.

What does Mercury (or any other planet) being in retrograde mean?

When planets are in retrograde motion, they appear to be traveling in a backwards direction from our vantage point, but this reverse motion is actually an an optical illusion created as the Earth speeds past the planet in question during the course of their mutual orbits around the Sun.

It's like what happens when you pass a car moving at a slower speed than yours on the highway. The slower car seems to be going backward, just as planets in retrograde do.


Planets in retrograde are also closest to the Earth during this time than they are at any other. This proximity causes the astrological influence of that planet to be felt more intensely for us here than usual, which can be either a good thing or a not-so-good thing, depending on the specific planet in question.

What do planets in retrograde do?

My favorite analogy is that it's like having a power surge without a surge protector. "Good guy" planets become better and "bad guy" planets become worse.

Anything you've been needing to say or holding back will come out now, which leads many couples to fight frequently or break up suddenly during this period of time.


That said, it's also often when couples finally clear the air about things they've been stuck on for too long, allowing them to finally be happier together than ever!

Essentially, this means the effects of Mercury retrograde helps couples that need to break up gather the clarity and courage to do so, while helping those who are right for each other reach a “breakdown” they've been needing in order to lead them to a healthy “breakthrough."

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And lest you still despair, don't!

This particular time Mercury goes retrograde is special in a way I expect will make things far more positive than usual.


You see, when Mercury enters Scorpio, it will meet up with Jupiter, the planet of healing, wisdom, abundance and blessings. Mercury is usually a “good guy”, and when he hangs out with other “good guys” like Jupiter, the mojo gets extra powerful.

So even though you should heed the usual Mercury in retrograde warnings — e.g., avoiding signing any important documents, starting any new business endeavors or stepping into new relationships during those three weeks — this is actually an amazing time to improve upon any projects or find the answers to any of your life’s problems!

Mercury rules friendships, and retrograde planets tend to bring things back from the past, so this is an excellent time to connect with old friends and loved ones.

It’s also the planet of business, writing, speaking, learning, and information of all kinds. This makes now the perfect time to dust off and complete any unfinished manuscripts, study a subject you’ve always been interested in, and finally figure out what to be when you grow up.


Scorpio is the sign of the occult — the unconscious mind, sex, and death.

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While Mercury is there, it’s a powerful time to ramp up your spiritual tricks and tools: journal, contemplate your innermost self, take a Tantric workshop, talk to your aging parents about their financial affairs and even write your own will and trust.


Scorpio is also the sign of sarcasm and snark, so do count to ten before getting too irreverent or “in your face” with any friends or relatives, especially those who aren't as enlightened as you. You know, the ones whose politics make you want to not serve them any pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

Those of us with key placements like the Sun, Moon, or rising (aka Ascendant) signs in Virgo or Gemini will be especially likely to feel good vibrations now, as Mercury rules those signs.

To find out if this is the case for you, enter your information in this Vedic birth chart calculator.

Your results will look something like this:


If you see Virgo or Gemini listed under any of those first three signs (Ascendant, Sun, or Moon), I'm talking to you!

This Mercury retrograde and conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio should be a transformative, restorative, growth-inducing time ...

Even if your phone fraps out or you lose your cool with someone you truly care about along the way.

Please take good care of yourself over the course of these next “crazy” Mercury retrograde weeks. Exercise more, sleep when you're tired, eat as well as you can in spite of the holiday season being underway, and spend lots of quality time with kittens and girlfriends.

And don't worry, I’ll warn you the next time it's about to happen again.


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