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Happy Wife, Happy Life: What Every Husband Needs To Know

Happy Wife, Happy Life: What Every Husband Needs To Know [EXPERT]

When you tell your wife you are truly listening, it is very important to mean it. This is because your wife knows when you are actually paying attention and when you are not. You might look like and act like you're listening, but your wife intuitively knows that you're really tuning her out! 

So, what should you do?

A man, who is operating from his masculine core, has a stronger tendency to only be able to tune into one thing at a time. So when your wife wants to talk with you, you must decide if now is the best time to tune in to her.

Ask yourself, "Can I give my wife 100% of my attention right now?" If the answer is no, don't just tune her out or tell her "no!" Instead, lovingly tell your wife you want to give her all your attention and then together determine a time in which you will be available to do so.

For instance, she might try to talk to you while you are watching a football game, working on a project, or reading the newspaper. If you are already involved in an activity that has your attention, lovingly tell her you want to give her 100% of your attention and decide, together, when that time will be.

When you have chosen to listen to your wife, give her absolutely 100% of your attention

Do nothing else but look at her, listen, and really hearing what she is saying. You will be amazed by how quickly she wraps it up when you do this, because she knows she is being heard.

It is only when your attention is divided that your wife intuitively knows you are not hearing her, and she will demand more time to express herself. Try it out today and see if this makes your wife happy.

May you and your wife hear and honor one another's needs — and be happy together!

God Bless You,
Carol Tuttle

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This article was originally published at The Carol Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.