Was The Supreme Court's' Decision Aligned With The Stars?

Sometimes you have to wonder—are our decisions influenced by the stars?


When something like the events of this week happens, the astrologer in me can’t help but ask, "What was it in the stars that helped that to occur?"

I wrote just last week that this is a very special time … the two best planets for higher consciousness and love (Jupiter and Venus) are together in the sky in the sign of Cancer.
(This is according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign. This gorgeous combo began May 30th and lasts until July 4th, and starts up again in the sign of Leo from mid-July to mid-August, which will also be just STELLAR … ).
Jupiter expands, uplifts, and heals anything it influences—and does so all the more in the sign of Cancer, its very favorite sign.
Jupiter is the planet associated with the law and legal system (and truth and justice) and Venus is "in charge" of love, sex, and romance.
Jupiter is considered the planet of husbands … and Venus is considered the planet of wives.
And when this momentous occasion occurred yesterday. Venus and Jupiter weren’t just in the same sign, they were almost exactly conjunct (joined) by being just the teeniest bit apart.
Yup—they literally got on top of one another in the sign of home, hearth, and family, no less! (This new law will impact not only gays, but of course families and children, as well… extending property rights, benefits, and greater legitimacy to them. Yay!)
The degree they are both still hovering around happens to be in a smaller "sub-sign" of Cancer called "Ashlesha." (This is one of the original 27 signs of Vedic astrology).
As soon as I heard the news, I KNEW Venus and Jupiter MUST be in Ashlesha, because this is one of the most untraditional, "buck the system," and "break the rules if they’re not fair or of the highest" constellations of the 27 Vedic signs—the only one in Cancer.
The announcement was made in the morning, and at the time the Moon (the astrological indicator of the public) was in the sign of partnership (Libra) in a smaller constellation of stars in a Vedic sign ALSO all about breaking the rules, known as "Chitra". Which means "the Star of Opportunity." (People—I say it all the time! I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!).
Of course, not everyone is happy with this decision. It is the reversal of a previous decision of the court, after all. And it does go contrary to many people’s religious beliefs, as well.
If you look at the chart of the U.S., this makes sense. This Venus/Jupiter combo in Cancer falls into the 8th house of the chart—the house of scandals and upheavals, and reversals! (And the house of sex, interestingly enough).
This is also obvious by looking at the Sun, the indicator of the government, being in the "we’re changing with the wind because we see all sides of the situation" sign of Gemini … and a smaller constellation called "Ardra". Which always brings turbulence, drama, and storms (and is symbolized by a tear drop), and is "ruled" by Rahu—a mathematically calculated eclipse point also known as “the North node of the Moon” known for making things be unusual and unconventional.
So this hard-fought freedom and gift of opportunity now available to every American is still going to be denied in the hearts and minds of some among us.
But that is just the play of life, and part of the drama of being a human among humans.
Jupiter and Venus made sure that love won …
Let freedom ring!