Top 10 Traits All Singles Are Searching For

Top 10 Traits All Singles Are Searching For [EXPERT]
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There are some things we all want in an ideal mate.

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As a matchmaking expert, I have helped thousands of singles find, meet and connect with other singles wanting long-term relationships through one-on-one personal compatibility matching. I ask every person the same question: "What are you looking for in your ideal partner?" ... and out comes the list of personality and character traits.

Generally, men and women want different things. For instance, most men place more emphasis on looks, sexual chemistry and confidence, whereas most women feel that commitment, communication and trust are most important. Still, there are many personality traits that both sexes hope to find in their special someone. They are:

1. Honesty. Honesty is a key component to any healthy, loving relationship. It takes a lot of caring, courage and love to be honest and remain truthful with your partner in all areas of your life for the duration of the relationship. Got Butterflies? 3 Rules For Your New Relationship

2. Communication. Effective communication is essential to any relationship. Having the ability to express your thoughts and feelings to your partner is essential to understanding each other's needs and desires. Without it, a relationship will not survive in the long-term.

4. Commitment. Oh no, the dreaded "C" word. In the case of long-term relationships, commitment is expected when you are involved with someone exclusively. The coupled life is one of sharing, and one that normally involves other couples as well. A person looking for commitment understands that it is no longer just about what they wanted as a single person. A commitment includesyour partner's likes and dislikes and a willingness to compromise — if necessary — to keep the relationship going.

4. Trustworthiness. As with honesty, trust is also a key component to any healthy and loving relationship. Without it, you will encounter many negative emotions such as jealousy, insecurity, doubt and hostility. If you do not have faith in your partner, there is no relationship at all. Rihanna's Reunion With Chris Brown: Good Or Bad?

5. Affection. The joy of being in a relationship is that you always have someone to hug and cuddle. People without someone special admit to missing having someone to physically express love with. Whether it is holding hands, kissing or cuddling, it is a great perk. Having someone show you how much they care is a big bonus.

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