First Date Don’ts – Top 5 Things You Should NEVER Do

First Date Don’ts

Dating is a necessary process in finding a mate. Your first date is also your only time to make a great first impression. And you only get ONE first impression, so you want to make that first date count. You should consider a few of the first date don'ts to help you successfully pass this first and critical stage of the dating process. It all begins with Date #1.

First Date Don’ts #1 - Don't show up late for a date.

By arriving late on a date, I would say you have decreased your possibility for date to 50% or higher. Unless you have an extremely genuine reason for arriving late. You should always account for the time it takes to arrive including potential traffic and parking dilemmas. Do you think anyone gets hired arriving late for a job interview? Guess what? You're on an interview, and there is a lot of judgement particularly on Date 1. So do whatever is necessary to arrive on time or early so you are not rushed and ready to be at your best.

First Date Don’ts #2 - Don’t pretend to be someone who you’re not.

So many singles have shared with me their frustration with people turning out to be someone completely different. This is largely because they lied about whom they were in the beginning. If you start a relationship by playing the “me too” game you will find yourself playing an actor for most of the relationship. Telling someone who you’re also very “active” and “work out” when you don’t go to the gym or even have a membership is just setting yourself up for failure.   She says she likes a man that’s athletic and plays sports. Here goes the “So do I”; yet your idea of sports is playing arm-chair quarterback in front of the TV when you’re watching football. Giving someone the wrong first impression is just a recipe for disaster.

First Date Don’ts #3 - Don’t be inappropriately dressed for the occasion.

If you have not decided that eating at a fine dining establishment is where you want to have your first date, well gentleman, a slogan t-shirt and a pair of comfort jeans is clearly not the outfit of choice. Similarly ladies, a casual coffee meeting is not an opportunity to sport your 5 inch stilettos and low-cut backless black dress you were saving for your next Girls’ night  out!

First Date Don’ts #4 - Don’t start planning on the colors of the wedding and the names of your future children.

This means keep things light and don’t be too pushy or assumptive. You may be completely enamored with your date but does he or she feel the same way? Do you even have the same relationship goals? Coming on too strong in the beginning is often considered a turn off and for some it’s just plain creepy.

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First Date Don’ts #5 - Don’t talk about deep subject matters

Don’t talk about deep subject matters like past traumatic life experiences or sour grapes with an ex. It's important that you keep in mind a first date should be light and fun. It is not an opportunity to have verbal diarrhea and treat this person sitting across from you as a therapist. I have heard countless singles describe their first date experience as horrible because all the other person did was "complain". I don't know about our readers, but I don't even like it when my close family and friends complain. A first date with a person I am just getting to know should not be using the date as an opportunity to vent. I guarantee it's a sure sign to the exit of that date and any future possibilities.

First Date Don'ts are key points to remember to help you with your dating success. Always have a positive attitude with your approach to dating. It takes time to get to know someone and it may be a process. Having said that, you can't get to step two, unless you get through step 1 with flying colors! Good luck and have fun!

If you have a First Date Don't, please share it with us in the comments section below!

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