Is Your Inner Child Running Your Love Life?

is childhood trauma running your love life?

Your childhood may be preventing you from forming healthy, loving relationships.

We all yearn for love, because we all need love. However, most of us are also confused about love. We often don't know what healthy love is or what it's not. This confusion leads to all sorts of irrational behaviors and reactions in our relationships. It can impact our ability to make or keep commitments. It can result in withdrawal or anxiety, or lead to infidelity and feelings of betrayal. If real love creates bliss, confusion about love just creates a mess. What's often missing in relationships, and what's needed at our core, is a simple human feeling: "I feel safe. I trust you. I feel secure being with you."

Here is some good news for those troubled by the confusion of love: there is a simple science to experiencing dependable and passionate love—both in and out of the bedroom. You can learn the basic building blocks of love, which are essential steps to creating a thriving relationship. It all begins by uncovering childhood patterns, and healing the wounds of your inner child in a very direct and practical way. 

We are both in recovery from love's confusion. Like you, we've had glorious ideas about what love should be, and terrible disappointments in what love turned out to be. We dedicated ourselves to cracking the code so we could have an extraordinary relationship. One key was discovering that secure love is created by openly sharing our deepest insecurities with each other. We learned to build a safe container of trust and compassion, caring for each other's needs and truth. We re-wired our old patterns into a solid foundation of being best friends, as well as rich lovers with passion and delight. You can do this, too. (Learn more in the upcoming free telesummit, Love on Purpose Revolution.) Here's what you need to know:

Deep inside, you have an intuitive sense of how love ought to feel. It's not just a fairy-tale fantasy. Every infant knows innately what love feels like. We are all born with an instinct and neurological need, to be loved in this way. We never outgrow this need to be deeply connected to someone we trust. As infants, children and adults, we all want our core needs to be a priority for someone. Keep reading...

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