4 Common Relationship Dreams People Have (And What They Mean)

Ever wonder why you're dreaming about people you don't think about in your waking life?

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Have you been dreaming about your current or past relationship? Have you had dreams about relationships with friends or acquaintances you may not consciously think about?

There are significant meanings behind dreaming of relationships and the context in which they are set. There are many reasons why you may be dreaming about certain people and relationships even if you are not consciously aware of it.


There are also specific relationship dreams that have significant meaning such as adultery, courtship, separation, and so forth.

Make sure to pay attention to the context of your dreams and possible reasons they may be appearing in your dreams and not in your real life.

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Could it be that you’re uncomfortable with possible thoughts you’re having about relationships whether it be current or in the past? Could it be you not wanting to face certain realities in your current or past relationships that you’ve been avoiding?

No matter what the reason is, it is important to find significance and meaning behind your dreams.

Here are some of the most common relationship dreams and their meanings.

1. Dreams about cheating

If you have dreams about cheating and adultery, it may reflect how you personally feel about adultery and betrayal. It can suggest feelings of insecurity in your waking life. You may believe your partner is cheating on you.

Adultery in your dreams may be a warning in order to prepare you for the worst possible scenario in waking life or because you feel guilty about something you're hiding from your partner.


It may also be because you miss or desire the high of falling in love, or that your sex life is stagnant. These dreams can be indicative of the need for more intimacy in your relationship.

Dreams about your partner cheating may not have anything to do with your relationship or partner but could reflect some other person, thing, or idea in your waking life. In your waking life, your sexual desires may not be being met.

2. Dreams about breakups



Having dreams about divorce or separation may represent feelings of anger or the verge of an emotional breakdown. These dreams may also represent feelings of insecurity.

If a breakup in your dream happens because your partner dies, it may be because you have a fear of losing your partner.

Dreams of this sort could also symbolize separation from some other person or thing in your waking life.

If you are dreaming of divorce or separation, be sure to ask yourself if you are trying to escape from the relationship. This type of dream could represent saying goodbye to some other person in your waking life.

3. Dreams about dating

This type of dream plays a role in how you feel and what you believe about the opposite sex. This could symbolize how you choose a person or partner in your waking life.


If you dream about courtship, it may indicate your want and need for affection.

If your dream involves someone else that you know in your waking life, it may represent attraction. If you don't feel physically attracted to this person in your waking life, find out what attracts you to this person as this may be a sign for you to define what you are looking for in a partner or what you feel you're missing in yourself.

4. Dreams about incompatibility



This type of dream may represent a lack of harmony or peace in your current relationship.

Dreams of this sort can also represent the need to fix or repair your current relationship. It might be suggesting the need to deepen your current relationship. These dreams can signify an imbalance in your life or your current relationship in your waking life.

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Take note of any connections you can make when you have dreams about different aspects of relationships.

For example, is there someone in your life that you share a deep emotional connection to but you are in a relationship with someone else? If that’s the case, you may experience dreams of infidelity or separation.


Taking note of what you consciously know will provide better meaning and interpretation to these types of dreams and how they may serve in your waking life.

Dreams that feature romantic relationships or dreams in the context of romance can serve as an urge or a push to answer questions about your relationship and the nature of love. These types of dreams can also serve as a way to inform you about different relationships that you are not aware of in your waking life.

Dreams about relationships, both past and present, can be your way of finding answers to questions you may have about those relationships.

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Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.