Depression Steals Your Heart And Darkens Your Soul

Depression is a monster.

Depression Steals Your Heart And Darkens Your Soul weheartit

The symptoms of depression show themselves in various ways. And this is how my depression talks to me...

You're worthless. You deserve nothing. You will never amount to anything. You're useless. Everything is your fault. You're just nothing.

You'll f*ck up this relationship too. You always do! These multiple failures in relationships are all your fault. You deserve mediocre, if that.

You're friends don't want to hang out with you anymore? Because you're always tired? How are you so tired when you do nothing all day? This is all your fault.


You're not sick. You're faking it. You just don't want to be seen for the pathetic and worthless person you are.

You can't go to work today because your body hurts? Cry me a river. You're just lazy. You lack drive and motivation. Who can't get themselves up in the morning to go to work and function like everyone else? You. Because you're useless.


Do you think anyone really cares about you? You think if you died, anyone would really care? You have no friends. Guys just pity you. Guys just use you because you're weak. Girls just laugh at you. You're just pathetic.

No one wants to hang out with you because you're annoying. No one finds anything you say remotely important. Why do you still bother speaking? You sound like a fu*king idiot. Oh, because that's all you are. A fu*king idiot.

You're dumb. You're a moron. You don't know right from left. You probably don't even know where the hands on a clock point to. Didn't you learn that in kindergarten? Sorry to tell you, but you're just that dumb.

Do you even know who you are anymore? You spent all this time alone "finding yourself" but what did you find? The hopeless and pitiful "life" you "live"?


You're a disgrace to everyone.

Your family hates you. Your family knows just how much of a failure you are. They wouldn't miss you. They're probably thinking it's one less dumb ass to deal with.

You should just go. Leave this earth forever. No one is going to miss you. No one is going to shed a tear for you. What kind of sad life do you live? It's pathetic and purposeless. You serve no purpose.


Take your life. You'd be doing everyone a favor. You'd be giving air to someone who deserves to breathe it. Trust me, no one will miss you. No one likes you. No one can stand you. You're better off taking yourself out of this misery and end the pain. Just do it.

You won't be in pain anymore and everyone will be better off. Just do it. Take your life. Just do it. There's nothing left to live for when it comes to you. You have no place in this world. You never will.

So, just end it. Just do it.


Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

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